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The /usr/local/solusvm/includes/solusvm.conf file contains the information regarding database connection. File contains a string divided by `:` delimiter in the following format:


For example:

# cat /usr/local/solusvm/includes/solusvm.conf

Here, Vmf7LEAnrb5S8x6 is the database name, 218H3lW42EkJZ1y is database user, GOJebeWEl0IOaciXhnM27OryQfQikF is database password, localhost is the host where database server is located (default value), and encryption key is XFrORvKb69F1QDlmJ6hDqg374iQjL2ndgGIEtkYFTixpFIYFQ0.

Note: encryption key is vital in case of Master Node migration scenario, see Migrating SolusVM Master node to another server

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