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The following should be performed to migrate a container from one OpenVZ 7 node to another:

Important note

A direct SSH connection on port 22 must be allowed between the source and destination servers.

  1. Connect to the source slave node over SSH.
  2. Find VMID of the required container:

    # vzlist -a
  3. Execute the following command to migrate VPS:

    # prlctl migrate VMID root:TARGET_PASSWORD@TARGET_IP
  4. Update Master node database with the new location of VPS

    # /scripts/vm-migrate ID NEWNODEID

    where ID - ID of the migrated VPS, can be seen in column ID in SolusVM > Virtual Servers; NEWNODEID - ID of the target node, can be seen in SolusVM > Nodes.
    For example:

    # /scripts/vm-migrate 20 5

For additional information refer to the official Virtuozzo 7 documentation.

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