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SolusVM has a set of system scripts that can be used to do certain tasks across the SolusVM cluster.

Scripts are stored in /scripts on the master server.

Current scripts:

upcp                  Update SolusVM components across all nodes
upcp-beta             Update SolusVM beta components across all nodes
ipv4check             Check status of free ips
vm-status-update      Update the status of all virtual servers
vm-destroy            Destroy virtual server
vm-migrate            Update virtual server information in database
update-bandwidth      Update Bandwidth limits for all vps on specified node
ftp-restore           Restore virtual server from ftp backup
openvz-ipv6           Enable/Disable IPv6 support for openvz
fix-acl               Set admin level to full administrator
database-repair       Run mysqlcheck repair on master database
mass-console-pass     Sets a new console password for all vps on specified node
help                  Display this information

Usage: /scripts/<command> [args]
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