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This is the important part! You need to create the following custom fields.


Updated as of 2012/10/22

Custom Fields

Field NameField TypeTick BoxVirtualization Types
vserveridText BoxAdmin OnlyAll
rootpasswordText BoxAdmin OnlyAll
nodeidText BoxAdmin OnlyAll
instructionsText BoxAdmin OnlyKVM
vncipText BoxAdmin OnlyXen HVM, KVM
vncportText BoxAdmin OnlyXen HVM, KVM
vncpasswordText BoxAdmin OnlyXen HVM, KVM
internalipText BoxAdmin OnlyXen PV, Xen HVM, KVM

Make sure it looks like this image below:

Outdated: This image is now outdated as of 2012/10/22 - Pending Update

The vserverid custom field will hold the unique vserverid that is used within SolusVM.

When you have set the custom fields, click Save Changes.

The basic configuration is complete.

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