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Use the following options for your WHMCS:
  • Module User Type : If you are an admin or reseller (Currently only Admin supported, Non of beta versions will have this function)
  • Default Node : The node the virtual server will be built on if no overide is given
  • Master Server : The master server this package is assigned to
  • Default Plan : Then plan on the master the package is assigned to
  • Virtualisation Type : Choose either OpenVZ, Xen-PV, Xen-HVM or KVM
  • Default Operating System : The operating system that is used if not defined in configurable options.
  • Username Prefix : This is the unique prefix that defines the username for each client. Set this the same in all plans. i.e: vmuser
  • IP Addresses : The amount of ip addresses for this package
  • Node Group : The node group this product should be built on (This will override the default node)

Click Save Changes. Select the Custom Fields tab.

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