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  1. Stop the required VPS in SolusVM > Virtual Servers > VPS > Shutdown. Note VMID of VPS, for example, it is vm101.
  2. Connect to the source slave node over SSH.

  3. Find a logical volume of the VPS:

    # lvdisplay | grep "LV Path" | grep "vm101"
    LV Path                /dev/solusvm/vm101_img

  4. Create a copy of the logical volume:

    # dd if=/dev/yourvg/vm101_img | gzip | dd of=/home/vm101_backup.gz bs=4096


  1. Create a VPS at SolusVM > Virtual Servers > Add Virtual Server. Let's assume the VPS ID is vm101
  2. Restore the copy to the created logical volume:

    # dd if=/home/vm101_backup.gz | gzip -d | dd of=/dev/yourvg/vm101_img bs=4096

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