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Available in SolusVM mainline 1.20.04 is a new feature that allows you to set two bandwidth limits. A soft limit, and a hard limit. Upon reaching the soft limit, the virtual server will be rate limited. Once the virtual server reaches the hard limit, the virtual server will be suspended.

1.) Upgrade your SolusVM installation to 1.20.04 mainline.

2.) At this time, you must configure the rate limiting feature through command line, rather than in the web UI. The following section must exist /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini on the master server.


limit_speed_instead_of_suspend = true

limit_speed_over_amount = 2

limit_speed = 1

3.) You can configure the variables using the information below.

'setting limit_speed_instead_of_suspend' can be true or false. This will enable/disable the feature.

'limit_speed_over_amount' setting is the amount of bandwidth hard limit amount in gigabytes the virtual server can use. (i.e. You can set a soft limit of 100GB. Upon overage, it will be rate limited to your pre-defined threshold. You can then set a hard limit, such as an additonal 50 GB, at which point the server will be suspended)

'limit_speed' setting is the network speed (in mbit) you want the virtual server to be set at when it reaches it's limit.


Will this support OpenVZ & Xen? We will monitor use, and expand the functionality if necessary.
Will the virtual server be rebooted upon rate limiting? No, it is done on the fly without reboot.
Is there any time delay in rate limiting the virtual servers?  There may be upwards of a 10 minute delay upon activating the rate limiting. When lifting the rate limiting, it may be delayed by upwards of 30 minutes.
Does the speed reset once the overage is cleared? Yes, once bandwidth is reset, the virtual server will be restored to it's previous speed.
Is the customer notified of the rate limiting? No email is sent upon rate limiting. If the customer reaches their hard limit, they will receive the suspension email as normal.

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