SolusVM KVM Slave node should match hardware requirements similar for regular KVM node without SolusVM software. Here is an example of recommended settings:

Hardware should be tuned and adjusted depending on how many VPSes will be (or potentially can) be hosted on the KVM.

Therefore, refer to the Official KVM requirements for the details: CHAPTER 1. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Verify that CPU virtualization extension is enabled for the server:

grep -E 'svm|vmx' /proc/cpuinfo

The output should have 'vmx' flag for Intel processors and 'svm' fro AMD processors. If it is not enabled, check the manufacturer documentation how to enable it for bare-metal servers or how to enable nested virtualization if this is a virtual server

Supported Operating Systems

List of Supported Operation Systems
OSSpecificDownload link
CentOS 6
  • May have some issues with ext4 file system.
  • Will reach End of Life on November 30th, 2020
CentOS 7
  • Solid, stable and recommended solution.
  • Cannot work with NTFS file system out of the box, additional modifications are required, see Libguestfs for CentOS 7
Scientific Linux 6
Scientific Linux 7