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List All Nodes Statistics

Supported Versions Last Updated
1.27.12 & higher 2022/09/08
Note: This API function returns statistics for all virtualization nodes. MN is not included.
Parameters "freedisk" and "freememory" are retrieved from virtualization nodes. All other parameters are extracted from SolusVM database.
API function node-statistics can be used to get single node statistics.
Action get-all-nodes-statistics
Method GET, POST


Example Output



    "status": "success",
    "statusmsg": "",
    "nodes_statistics": [
            "allocatedbandwidth": [network traffic allocated to VPS'es, Kb],
            "allocatedmemory": [memory allocated to VPS'es, Kb],
            "arch": [CPU architecture],
            "city": [city],
            "country": [country],
            "disklimit": [maximum disk space allowed to allocate VPS'es, Kb],
            "freedisk": [free diskspace in the default VG for KVM/Xen, for OpenVZ - in /vz partition],
            "freeips": [number of available IPv4 addresses],
            "freeipv6": [number of available IPv6 addresses],
            "freeipv6subnets": [number of available IPv6 subnets],
            "freememory": [for Xen - available memory not allocated to VPS'es, Kb. 0 for KVM , OpenVZ],
            "hostname": [hostname],
            "ip": [node IP address],
            "id": [node id],
            "memorylimit": [maximum memory space allowed to allocate to client VPS'es, Kb],
            "name": [node name],
            "node_error": [array of error messages if remote call to the node returned errors],
            "nodegroupid": [node group ID],
            "nodegroupname": [node group name],
            "sshport": [SSH TCP port],
            "storage_type": [for KVM - lvm|file-based, for Openvz, Xen - empty], // added in version 1.27.19
            "virt": [openvz|kvm|xen],
            "virtualservers": [virtual servers number]
            "allocatedbandwidth": 1048576,
            "allocatedmemory": 2097152,
            "arch": "x86_64",
            "city": "",
            "country": "",
            "disklimit": 1024000000,
            "freedisk": 69926912,
            "freeips": 1,
            "freeipv6": 0,
            "freeipv6subnets": 0,
            "freememory": 5146624,
            "hostname": "xen1.tld",
            "ip": "",
            "id": 45,
            "memorylimit": 10240000,
            "name": "snxen1",
            "node_error": "",
            "nodegroupid": 0,
            "nodegroupname": "Default",
            "sshport": 22,
            "storage_type": "",
            "virt": "xen",
            "virtualservers": 1


    "status": "error",
    "statusmsg": "ERROR MESSAGE",
    "nodes_statistics": null
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