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Billing Integration Overview


The purpose of this topic is to briefly introduce how billing works. To learn in detail how to integrate billing with SolusVM 2, refer to Billing Integration Guide.

If you plan to sell servers, you need to integrate SolusVM 2 with a billing system (for example, WHMCS, Blesta, Hostbill, or others). Then SolusVM 2 will be able to show prices for its features and charge payment.

Showing prices

To show prices, SolusVM 2 interacts with the billing system via API. To make this interaction easier, a price is calculated with the help of "tokens", virtual units of measurement. The interaction between SolusVM 2 and the billing system looks as follows:

  1. You, as the administrator, put a price in tokens on SolusVM 2 features (hourly or monthly server price, backups, snapshots, and so on).
  2. Each time SolusVM 2 needs to display a price to a user, SolusVM 2 sends an API request to the token API endpoint, which can be served by the billing system. The API request contains the user ID and a number of tokens the feature costs.
  3. The billing system converts tokens into a real price and currency. The calculation also takes into account the non-billing status or a special discount the user may have.
  4. SolusVM 2 shows the real price to the user.
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