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This configurable option allows clients to select an application when they reinstall SolusVM 2 product in WHMCS.


This configurable option does not work for creation of a new product.
It can be used only for allowing reinstalling of an existing SolusVM 2 product with an application.
For setting Applications for new products - refer to this [documentation page](../Advanced-configuration/
  1. Login to your WHMCS administrator web interface.
  2. Open System Settings > Configurable Options.

  3. Click Create a New Group or select an existing group.


    We recommend keeping configurable option group for application selection separated from other groups.

  4. Give your group a name, select the product (the one you created earlier) to assign to the group, and then click Save Changes.

  5. Click Add New Configurable Option. You will open a new browser window where you will specify the option settings.

  6. Give your option a name Application and select the option type Dropdown.
  7. In the Add Option field, specify the option value following the pattern: APPLICATION_ID|APPLICATION_Name and then click Save Changes. In the mentioned pattern:

    • APPLICATION_ID is the actual ID of an Application on the SolusVM 2 management server. To see APPLICATION_ID, go to SolusVM 2 (the admin area) > Images > Applications and locate the IDs of the applications you want to add as a configurable option.
    • APPLICATION_Name is the application to be displayed in WHMCS.

    In our example, we are adding WordPress on Plesk (APPLICATION_ID 1) and NGINX (APPLICATION_ID 7) as a configurable option.

  8. Repeat the previous step as many times as many applications you want to offer. Once finished, click Close Window.

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