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Released: 05 July 2013


Fix for client area graph issues & invalid admin area tokens.


Released: 04 July 2013


This release contains fixes for a client side RDNS bug, reseller virtual server creation bug and admin form CSRF protection. Several code changes have also been made in regards to the ongoing audit.


Released: 30 June 2013


This release contains minor code fixes and security enhancements.


Released: 26 June 2013


Minor code updates.


Released: 24 June 2013


This is an important security fix. You are encouraged to update as soon as possible.


Released: 19 June 2013

Minor update to relax the vps hostname format. You can now use single words as well as real hostnames.


Released: 19 June 2013


This is an important security fix. You are encouraged to update as soon as possible. A full detailed report will be published at a later date.


Released: 16 June 2013


This is an important security fix. You are encouraged to update as soon as possible. Details will be released shortly.


Released: 28 November 2012


This release fixes an XSS Vulnerability within the SolusVM user interface.

DESCRIPTION : XSS Vulnerability

VULNERABLE SYSTEMS : SolusVM master v1.13.02 and below

RESOLUTION : Update to SolusVM v1.13.03


CHECKED BY : Phillip Bandelow

SIGNED OFF BY : Jason Smith


Released: 22 November 2012


  • Added client last activity widget to admin home and full client activity logs

  • Added KVM build log viewer widget to admincp > virtual server

  • Added node resource report to admincp > Node list

  • Added the ability to disable serial console access for clients. Admincp > Nodes > Select Node > Settings (Changes to client template control.tpl)

  • Added force button to media sync to manually force the queue action

  • Added Several useful direct links (node from virtual server list, node from vserver manage page, virtual servers from node manage page)

  • Added ipv4_count_offset\[\] & ipv6_count_offset\[\] to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini


  • Fixed bug where media sync would not detect the correct ISO filesizes

  • Fixed internal server errors when diverting output to /dev/null

  • Fixed several IE8 layout bugs in admin area

  • Fixed bug where console user home directories were not being deleted (time delayed)

  • Fixed bug where SSH keys were not being re-generated when using a linux KVM template to build a virtual server and configure networking was not enabled

  • Fixed powerdns PDO sql connection bug

  • Fixed bug where kpartx paths would be incorrect on a CentOS 6 host

  • Fixed bug where xm was being used in several functions instead of xl on a xl enabled host

  • Fixed pagination bug on admin area client list

  • Fixed bug where mail headers were missing from client failed login emails


  • Console Session users are now created if they don't exist

  • Removed fix console button for openvz/xen PV virtual servers

  • Internal IP is now returned via admin API vserver-infoallAdmin



Released: 24 October 2012


  • Added [KVM] domain_config_soflimit_memtune_only variable to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

  • Added memory usage (- cache) bar to admincp for openvz virtual servers

  • Added VSwap usage bar to admincp for openvz virtual servers

  • Added ability to attach/remove drivers on the fly for KVM virtual servers (admin/client):  KVM Guest Drivers

  • Added option to disable/specify the truncate length for the virtual server list operating system column

  • Added option to disable/specify the truncate length for the virtual server list hostname column


  • Fixed bug in admin API vserver-terminate where the process would fail if an error alert email was sent

  • Fixed bug in admin API where success was not being returned for client-list

  • Fixed bug in admin API where success was not being returned for node-virtualservers

  • Fixed issue where WHMCS would strip out additional ip's when returning data from the vserver-create function

  • Fixed bug where admin API vserver-create internalip variable would cause an error if set to true

  • Fixed bug when adding a KVM template the networking setting would not save

  • Fixed bug where bandwidth graphs would not generate if source folder did not exist

  • Fixed Xen HVM reboot timings. Reboots now sleep until any pending processes have finished

  • Fixed headers in emails sent from the system using phpmail()

  • Fixed various admincp css bugs

  • Fixed bug where database would fail to download if over 100MB in size

  • Fixed issue where DD would fail if the size was specified too large under the node settings

  • Fixed segfault when PPP is enabled/disabled for OpenVZ virtual servers

  • Fixed bug where PXE server would not be assigned to a Xen HVM virtual server on a CentOS 6.3 host


  • VNC now opens in it's own window from the admincp. Allows you to browse from the page but keep the VNC open

  • Client Area template control.tpl has been modified



Released: 09 October 2012


  • Added Generation 2 template system for KVM. Templates are available in the TDN including Linux and Windows

  • Added change root password for KVM linux virtual server to the AdminCP. Even if the virtual server was not built from a template it will still attempt to change the root password

  • Added total 'bandwidth used' to bandwidth usage report in AdminCP

  • Added Swap option to KVM create and KVM resources

  • Introduced new bandwidth counting system. The new system will count inbound & outbound traffic for IPv4/IPv6 including new rrdtool graphs. The master will no longer need to contact the slave to aggregate the graph data thus allowing the graphs to be more consistent (Should help prevent breaks in the graphs). If inbound/outbound (or both) counting is disabled for the node the data will still be graphed, just not added to the clients usage

  • Added Disk I/O graphs for KVM/Xen virtual servers

  • Added KVM Disk Cache option on a per virtual server basis. You can now override the default node setting

  • Added Ajax collection of virtual server statistics to admincp virtual server manage page

  • Added the ability to add and remove secondary hard disks to KVM virtual servers

  • Added debug logging to media sync

  • Added better admincp notifications

  • Added notification position settings under general settings

  • Added notification sticky option under general settings

  • Added simple Logical Volume manager

  • Added Filter option to virtual server list. Filter by Suspended, Online, Offline, OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM & KVM

  • Added FTPBACKUPMASTERNIC=”” advanced.conf variable:  General

  • Added support for auto network configuration on provision of KVM virtual servers. The system will attempt to auto detect the operating system and configure the network for linux virtual servers

  • Added network reconfiguration to admin and client area for KVM virtual servers

  • Added admin API new vserver-infoall variables. nostatus & nographs:  Virtual Server State

  • Added new configuration file to master/slave. /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini (/usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini.example)

  • Added [KVM] domain_config_exclude_memtune variable to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

  • Added [KVM] domain_config_experimental_memtune variable to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

  • Added [KVM] domain_simple_internal_network variable to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

  • Added [DHCPD] config_simple_internal_network variable to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

  • Added [KVM] domain_config_memtune_hard_limit_percent_memory variable to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

  • Added [KVM] domain_config_memtune_soft_limit_percent_memory variable to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

  • Added [KVM] domain_config_memtune_swap_hard_limit_percent_memory variable to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

  • Added KVM templae creation script (/scripts/kvmtemplate) See the TDN for more information


  • KVM template notes are now passed to the client when re-installing if any notes are set. They will also be displayed when re-install from admincp

  • General AdminCP layout fixes

  • Fixed bug where media sync would show iso's as .gz archives

  • Fixed bug where admincp install from template would show obscure filesizes (now rounded off)

  • Fixed bug where KVM Template media groups were not showing on creating a custom virtual server

  • Fixed bug in OpenVZ edit plan not allowing more than 100mbit network speed to be selected & set

  • Fixed issue with media sync and slaves not connecting back to the master

  • Admin API reboot/boot functions will now fail if the virtual server is suspended

  • Xen HVM template will now build correctly if host node is CentOS 6

  • Xen HVM template creation script is now compatible with CentOS 6 host nodes


  • Removed javascript 'Loading' overlay from admincp manage pages

  • Removed data timeout from media sync

  • Removed Growl notifications (feature replaced)

  • Trunacated 'Operating System' & 'Template' fields in virtual server list. Hover over for full details

  • CPU topology is now set for KVM virtual servers

  • Increased timeout for OpenVZ loads collection

  • General enhancements to admin area

  • KVM templates are now returned in the admin API 'listemplates' call

  • Admin API 'listtemplates' will now only return active templates/iso's

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