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Released: 11 September 2011


This is a security patch release. Please upgrade ASAP.


Released: 05 August 2011


This is a security release to patch a vulnerability in the Client, Reseller and Admin areas of SolusVM. Please upgrade ASAP.


Copy of email sent out on 2011/08/05

It has been brought to our
attention that a security vulnerability has been found in the Client,
Reseller and Admin areas of SolusVM. Even though the chances of this
vulnerability being used against a SolusVM installation is low, we have
released version 1.7.02 as a Critical security release and advise you to
upgrade immediately.

If you have any issues upgrading your installation to version 1.7.02
please contact support for assistance.

We thank you for taking time to read this email and sorry for any
inconvenience caused.

Regards Soluslabs Support Team 


Released: 05 August 2011


  • Added option to enable/disable bandwidth counting for specific ipaddresses. Option is under Admincp > Ipblock > Ipaddresses.

  • Added logging for bandwidth counting. Log location is /usr/local/solusvm/log/bandwidth.log (on the master).

  • Added option to specify the bandwidth log size. Setting is in Admincp > Configuration > Settings > Logging/Alerts.


  • Cron files Updated. The bandwidth, graph, daily & monthly cron's have been moved to there own files.

  • Bandwidth counting has been removed from the standard iptables FORWARD chain to a custom set of chains. This should allow more accurate counting.

  • Fixed issue where the serial console for Xen PV/OpenVZ would report errors when using a CentOS 6 host.


Updated the beta installer to allow for no template downloads. Option are 1no,2no,3no,4no,5no,6no.


Released: 28 July 2011


  • Added MAC Addressing per IP Address. This will allow auto provisioning on restricted networks (OVH etc..) More information: MAC Addressing per IP Address

  • Added ability to edit a virtual servers MAC address.

  • Added full OpenVZ VSwap support. More Information:  OpenVZ VSwap


  • Fixed issue where admin log would not flush correctly.

  • Reduced the maximum size of the stats log to 500MB.

  • Fixed issue where client area would show burst ram instead of vswap when vswap is enabled.


Updated the beta installer to install an optimized default config for OpenVZ (UBC & VSwap).

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