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Installation & Configuration

Before you start, please be informed that we have an awesome interactive course on how to start using SolusVM for the first time and prepare the environment: SolusVM Deployment.

In this course, you are guided through the process of SolusVM deployment and setting up WHMCS to start selling virtual server solutions. We hope that the course will be helpful to all SolusVM customers. Registration and access to the course in Plesk University are free, just follow this link to create an account or log into using an existing one

Information before installation

  • SolusVM Master must be installed on a clean server: freshly installed server updated to the latest version with `yum update`

  • SolusVM Master supports OpenVZ virtualization only. Xen and KVM can be run only on SolusVM Slave.

  • SolusVM Slave can be installed on a server with VPSes running on it already and it will be possible to import them to SolusVM, see Importing OpenVZ containers

  • SolusVM Slave must not be installed on a server with the similar software like Virtualizor.

  • Documentation is focused on using RHEL7-based operation systems, so there can be slight difference for older operating systems.

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