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Creating Custom Client Area Pages

Supported Versions Last Updated
1.13.00 & higher 2013/04/03

For custom client area pages you need the client area development kit. The kit contains 3 types of php files:

  • client_custom_vserver.php - Use this if your page needs to be virtual server specific

  • client_custom_generic_logged_in.php - Use this if your page is not virtual server specific but the client needs to be logged in

  • client_custom_generic.php - Use this if your page is not virtual server specific and no authentication is required (Public page)

Generic template file (generic.tpl) is included in the kit. You can use variables, which are listed in this template.


As an example, below there is an instruction how to add a page to our client area that displays some support options to the client.

1. Upload client_custom_generic_logged_in.php to /usr/local/solusvm/www/ on the master.

2. Rename the php file to a custom filename i.e support.php.

3. Once support.php has been uploaded, edit generic.tpl:



<?php include($this->tpl_header);?>

<a href="" target="_blank">Support

<a href="" target="_blank">Helpdesk</a>

<?php include($this->tpl_footer); ?>
4. Rename generic.tpl to match the filename of the php file you just uploaded. In our example we used support.php so we need to rename the template file to support.tpl and upload it to the template folder i.e /usr/local/solusvm/templates/client/cleanblue/

5.Visit this page on your master (http://master-address:5353/support.php)

6. If you want to add a link to this page in any of the client menus,  edit header.tpl and update the links.


The development kit can be downloaded here (v1.6 2013/04/03)

Modification of the client area does carry some risks. PHP can be very insecure if you make mistakes in your code. Double check everything before you put your custom template in production!

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