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Adding a Reverse DNS Zone

SolusVM gives you an option to add a reverse DNS zone and assign to a specified IP block.

  1. From the admincp go to Configuration > PowerDNS

  2. Click the View details icon for the DNS server you want to use. Click the Add Reverse DNS Zone button at the bottom of the next screen.

  3. Fill in all the fields on the next screen:


    • Zone Name is required and must be in the standard reverse zone format: or (IPv6).

    • Namserver 1, Namserver 2 are both required but Nameservers 3 - 10 are optional.

    • Once you have created the zone file you need to make note of the Zone ID (Shown when you view dns zones).

    • Setup each of your IP blocks to use the new DNS server and specify the zone ID.

  4. Under the IP block settings, set the PowerDNS Server and the Zone ID:


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