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Offering Additional IP Addresses to Users

By default, a SolusVM 2 server has one IPv4 address. However, you can offer and sell more IPv4 addresses to your users.

Users usually need multiple IP addresses for a single server to offer shared hosting with dedicated IP addresses. For example, a user is a web studio that creates, hosts, and manages websites using a single SolusVM 2 server with the Plesk or cPanel application installed. To have each website accessible from a separate IP address, the web studio needs to buy additional IP addresses.

To offer additional IP addresses:

  1. Go to Compute Resources > Plans and add a new plan or edit an existing one.
  2. Select the "Offer additional IP addresses" checkbox and set the hourly and monthly prices for the IP addresses below.
  3. Click Save.

Let's see how users can now buy additional IP addresses within the plan.

To get an additional IP address as a user:

  1. Go to https://<management-server-hostname>/login or https://<management-server-IP>/login.
  2. Under the desired project, click "… servers" (for example, "2 servers") and then click the server name.
  3. Go to the "Networking" tab and then click "Add IP".

  4. You'll see how much an additional IP address costs. If you agree with the terms and conditions, click Create & Buy Now.

SolusVM 2 now picks an available IP address (from the IP block attached to the compute resource of the server) and adds it to the server network interface and configuration file. Once it's finished, the server will be accessible from the main and the additional IP addresses.


While the IP address is being added, the server will be temporarily unavailable on the web.

Users pay for the time (in hours or months) when the additional IP address exists on the server.

To delete an additional IP you no longer need, click the |image-trashcan-icon| icon next to it and then click Delete.

SolusVM 2 deletes an additional IP similarly to adding one but in reverse order.


If a user configured the server software (for example, a web server) to use an additional IP address, deleting the additional IP will break the software configuration. The user needs to change the software configuration before deleting the additional IP. For example, switch all domains hosted on the IP address about to be removed to an IP address that would remain on the server.

Limiting the Number of Additional IP Addresses

You can limit the number of additional IP addresses a user can have on all their servers. It helps to prevent using up all free IP addresses in the corresponding IP block.

To limit the number of additional IPs:

  1. Create a new limit group or edit an existing one.
  2. Specify the number of additional IPs a user can have on all their servers and then click Save.

  3. Assign the limit group to:


    If you set a limit lower than the number of additional IP addresses the user already has, it won't affect already assigned additional IPs in excess of the limit. However, the user won't be able to add new additional IPs.

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