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  • feature | PHP has been upgraded to version 7.4.30. (SVM-3505)



  • feature | Ability to install SolusVM in OpenVZ container with Almalinux 8. (SVM-3469)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when bandwidth statistics is not collected on new Almalinux 8/Centos 8 Stream nodes. (SVM-3485)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when script /scripts/websocket-stop is not working on SolusVM Master Node. (SVM-3500)



  • feature | Nginx has been upgraded to version 1.22.0. (SVM-3498)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when KVM VM failed to start due to libvirt 8 VNC password length restriction if the password length exceeds 8 characters. (SVM-3488)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when the First Available Node for a VPS creation via API was chosen incorrectly due to the wrong Nodes order. (SVM-3467)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when the OS name was always CentOS for every OS in Admin UI > Nodes > Check version. (SVM-3448)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when CentOS 7 KVM/Xen installation contained broken documentation links. (SVM-3475)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when there was an incorrect copyrights date in all encrypted files. (SVM-3490)


  1. API functions vserver-create and vserver-vncpass now allow only 8 characters long VNC passwords for KVM.
  2. On changing VNC password in admin UI or client UI the password length cannot exceed 8 characters now.
  3. Now API vserver-console cannot be launched for KVM since it configures serial console but KVM VMs are accessed via VNC console.
  4. If WHMCS module solusvmpro is in use it is recommended to update the module to the latest version 4.1.7




  1. New KVM Storage Manager and Tags Mechanism are the key components of the new KVM storage management flow.
  2. Downgrade from version 1.27.01 Mainline to 1.26.13 Stable is not recommended in case if SolusVM has KVM VMs. Such downgrade can lead to unexpected stop of existing KVM VMs and damage to their XML configs.
  3. We recommend performing update from older versions to version 1.27.01 out of business hours or in time with minimal load to the system because of the possibility of a short service downtime during this update installation.
  4. Note: It is recommended to carefully read the list of known issues and limitations.
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