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Hardware requirements for OpenVZ Slave

Hardware should be tuned and adjusted depending on how many VPSes will be (or potentially can) be hosted on the KVM.

SolusVM Slave Software itself is rather modest in terms of the resource usage, it can be neglected.

The recommended hardware requirements for running OpenVZ are as follows:
• x86-64 platform with hardware virtualization support: Intel VT-x (with "unrestricted guest") or AMD-V,

Note: To check if the Intel processor supports the "unrestricted guest" feature: 1) Download from 2) Run python | grep -i unrest The result must be yes.

• CPU: at least 4 cores, a 64-bit processor is required for running 64-bit guest operating systems,
• RAM: 4 GB or more,
• HDD: 64 GB or more,
• SSD (optional): at least 30 GB (at least 32 GB with /boot)
• Network: an Ethernet network adapter and a valid IP address.
The actual number of virtual machines and containers you can run on a physical server and their
performance depend on resources they will consume.

Refer to the official OpenVZ installation guides for the details.

OpenVZ 6

OpenVZ 7(Virtuozzo 7)

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