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  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.22 (SVM-3025)

  • fixed | Performance optimization in section Resource Usage in admin CP for OpenVZ-containers based on EZ OS-templates (SVM-3014)

  • fixed | Make 'virtio' the default disk driver for KVM instead of 'ide' (SVM-3021)

  • fixed | Setting 'Disk Driver' in ISO-images (SVM-3028). Old behavior: on VM creation from ISO, 'ide' disk driver is used by default. New behavior: disk driver is defined in ISO-image settings. Default value is 'virtio'



  • fixed | Migration fails to reach finalization step automatically for OpenVZ-containers on EZ-template (SVM-2994)

  • fixed | Cannot reinstall container using EZ-template after migration from OpenVZ 6 to OpenVZ 7 (SVM-2921)

  • fixed | OpenVZ container on EZ-template can be deleted on source node if migration fails (SVM-3005)

  • fixed | Reinstallation of OpenVZ container on EZ-template reverts resource limits change if change was done after previous reinstallation. Old behavior: first reinstallation of the container creates a sample config that is used as a base for all subsequent reinstallations. New behavior: sample config is created from current config of the container on every new reinstallation (SVM-3004)



  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.21 (SVM-3000)

  • feature | Improve VNC-console errors reporting (SVM-2993)

  • fixed | Traffic is always limited on SolusVM in case if it is running on stable version (SVM-2998)

  • fixed | Migration fails to reach finalization step automatically for OpenVZ-containers on legacy OS-template (SVM-2994)

  • fixed | Empty json output of API call if there are malformed UTF-8 characters in SolusVM database (SVM-2979)

  • fixed | Confusing description of setting "Root/Admin Password" in KVM OS-template (SVM-2991)



  • feature | All iptables modules enabled by default in containers on new OpenVZ nodes (SVM-2978)

  • fixed | Configuration file for additional IP remains inside KVM VM when the IP is removed via Solus (SVM-1027)

  • fixed | KVM Volume Group pre-check fails on CentOS6 (SVM-2989)



  • feature | Reference to license types description in admin CP (SVM-2963)

  • fixed | Error on attempt to add KVM node with file-based storage (SVM-2982)

  • fixed | Disk IO and Cache settings are broken for file-based KVM VM (SVM-2965)

  • fixed | Unnecessary errors in update scripts (SVM-2969)

  • fixed | Update scripts try to download not-existing console files (SVM-2862)



  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.20 (SVM-2971)

  • feature | Autoload of KVM kernel modules if they are missing on new KVM-server (SVM-2958)

  • feature | Reference to OS-templates creation guides in SolusVM admin interface (SVM-2966)

  • feature | Removing reference to Plesk Support Team from end-client and reseller interfaces (SVM-2964, SVM-2949)



  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.19 (SVM-2950)

  • feature | OpenVZ pre-check in wizard "Add new OpenVZ node" in UI (SVM-2908)

  • feature | Installer pre-check for RPM-package "prlctl" 

  • fixed | VM Operating System is changed to ISO name when ISO is mounted. The change is not reverted back (SVM-2662, SVM-2128)

  • fixed | Migration from OVZ6 to OVZ7 sometimes gets stuck with parameter "--wait" (SVM-2945)

  • fixed | Field "vservers.templateid" is not set on OpenVZ container creation. In result, it is possible to delete OS-template which is in use (SVM-2940)



  • feature | Pre-checks for KVM node in installer (SVM-2909)

  • feature | Bridge and Volume Group pre-checks in "Add new KVM node" wizard in UI (SVM-2910)

  • fixed | Unable to reinstall OpenVZ container if source OS-template is absent in SolusVM (SVM-2918)



  • feature | Add HelpCenter reference in SolusVM UI

  • fixed | Memory and loadaverage graphs are not generated for containers if CTID length > 5 (SVM-2911)

  • fixed | Unable to add bulk IP addresses to KVM VPS (SVM-2902)

  • fixed | Sometimes VPSs are created only with 1 GB of swap (SVM-2888)



  • feature | Automatically replace noVNC certificate with Nginx certificate if it is expired (SVM-2900)

  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.18 (SVM-2901)



  • feature | New parameter "extra_pass_delay" in config.ini which sets delay between connection attempts in conmon.php (SVM-2847)

  • feature | New system property "Show VM password to user in UI before change" for client area (SVM-2880)

  • fixed | Sometimes LVM is not created during KVM VPS deployment (SVM-2882)

  • fixed | Corrected description of property "No sparse copying" (SVM-2883)

  • fixed | Containers with CTID more that 5 digits are not displayed in Loads page (SVM-2856)



  • feature | Functionality to reinstall legacy OpenVZ 7 container with EZ template and vice versa (SVM-2683)

  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.17 (SVM-2870)

  • fixed | Inability to manage container if it was created with "hdd1" on OpenVZ-side (SVM-2871)

  • fixed | RPM-packages "vzdump" and "cstream" are missing in YUM-repository "Soluslabs" (SVM-2865)

  • fixed | RPM-package "throttle" is missing in YUM-repository "Soluslabs" (SVM-2876)



  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.16 (SVM-2854)

  • fixed | RPM-packages for serial console are missing in SolusVM YUM-repository (SVM-2805)

  • fixed | RPM-packages for serial console are not installed automatically on SolusVM deployment (SVM-2858)

  • fixed | Missing output redirect floods the update logs with useless info (SVM-2848)

  • fixed | Incorrect parameter "ID" on a virtual server management screen in admin CP (SVM-2839)



  • feature | Possibility to add/remove bulk IPv4 Addresses in SolusVM (SVM-1092)

  • fixed | Master node with virtualization is updated as Slave Only master if the license was purchased in Plesk KA (SVM-2833)

  • fixed | Unable to reinstall Xen PV VPS in SolusVM with PHP 7.3 (SVM-2829)

  • fixed | Root password for containers in plain text in /usr/local/solusvm/log/ovz7.log (SVM-2786)



  • feature | It is now possible to select up to 64 threads for Auto FTP Backup (SVM-2718)

  • fixed | Usage of client API is no longer flooding PHP error log with warnings (SVM-2827)

  • fixed | Fixed inability to send test email via SolusVM (SVM-2776)

  • fixed | Memory info on the dashboard is now correctly displayed for localhost node on CentOS 7 / OpenVZ 7 (SVM-2738)

  • fixed | Fixed an issue with dashboard unable to display node info in case the info is fetched for more than 30 seconds (SVM-2714)



  • feature | noVNC console now works out of the box (SVM-2770)

  • feature | Patched libguestfs for CentOS 7 is now installed by default (Libguestfs for CentOS

  • feature | Deprecated mcrypt extension has been replaced with openssl, see

  • fixed | Fixed an issue with only one name server added when OpenVZ 7 container is created from EZ template (SVM-2713)

  • fixed | Now it is possible to reinstall OpenVZ containers on localhost (SVM-1831)

  • fixed | Installer now correctly detects internal IP (SVM-2813)

  • fixed | Reinstall is now possible for svmstack-nginx-serial-console-config and svmstack-ssh-websocket packages (SVM-2805)

  • fixed | Fixed reliability issue with PHP 7.0 being installed instead of PHP 7.3 (SVM-2799)



  • fixed | Fixed an issue with PowerDNS not listing NS records created from the corresponding DNS plan (SVM-2793)

  • fixed | Fixed the inability to add second disk for KVM virtual machines (SVM-2796)



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