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Known Issues and Limitations

  • We recommend performing update from older versions to version 1.27.* out of business hours or in time with minimal load to the system because of the possibility of a short service downtime during the update installation.

  • Update from older versions to version 1.27.* must not intersect with AutoFTP backups creation process.

  • In version 1.27.01 checkbox VG Update (Update Existing VPS'es with New VG) has been removed from KVM nodes settings. The purpose of the checkbox was following:
    If checked, SolusVM updates Volume Group in DB for every VM located on the node with value from field VG (Logical Volume Group).

  • Script vm-migrate does not handle secondary disks if any. The purpose of the script is to change location of the VPS in SolusVM database. Default storage of the target node is set as a storage for the main disk. But secondary disks are not handled.

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