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Released: 6 August 2015

Type Note
Improvement Added option to enable/disable the removal of ssh keys from authorized_keys when building a Xen PV virtual server. Admin > Media > Template > Xen PV > Edit Template
Improvement Added option to limit the amount of assigned IPv6 addresses from an IPv6 subnet a client can use. Admin > Settings > Virtualization > Default IPv6 Subnet Addresses
Improvement Added option to set a default clock for KVM virtualization. Admin > Nodes > Selected Node > Settings > Default Clock XML
Fix The operating system logos were not showing correctly in the client area themes for reinstalls
Fix TXT records were not adding correctly for client forward DNS
Fix Generic FORWARD chains were being created alongside the custom chains when an OpenVZ virtual server was built
Fix Logical volumes were failing to remove when the logical volume group name contained an underscore
Fix If using custom ebtables rules the process would not fork into the background
Improvement Serial console login times have been improved
Improvement Several CSS fixes/changes to the admin area
Fix Kernel versions  >= 3.16 was causing issues with bandwidth aggregation

Added bandwidth counting debugging to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini - log file: /var/log/solusvm/bandwidth_counting_debug.log


bandwidth_counting = true



Released: 11 June 2015

Security Notice

This release contains security updates as advised in an external audit conducted by Rack911Labs. We recommend that you update to this version as soon as possible.

Type Note
Security Several potential security issues have been fixed. Thanks to the team at Rack911Labs
Improvement Added a more refined logrotate script for the SolusVM logs
Feature OnApp operating system templates now work with SolusVM Xen PV. KVM to follow
Fix Login alerts are now disabled for client logins using key authentication
Fix pbzip threads were missing in ftp backups. They have been added back in
Fix KVM system messages are now properly formatted


Released: 07 May 2015

Type Note
Improvement Changes to debian/ubuntu networking for KVM virtual servers
Improvement OpenVZ virtual servers are now force restarted

Several OpenVZ configuration defaults have been added on a per hypervisor basis. Changes can be made to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini:


;;default_NUMPROC = "900:900"

;;default_NUMTCPSOCK = "1200:1200"

;;default_NUMOTHERSOCK = "1200:1200"

;;default_AVNUMPROC = "10000:10000"

Improvement Xvda/Sda can be selected on a per template basis for Xen PV. Default is to use the hypervisors setting
Fix Destroy messages were not being shown in the system messages for Xen HVM and KVM
Improvement KVM build process now verifies and re-formats /etc/shadow if the operating system in Linux
Fix Custom backup snapshot sizes were not being read properly from /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini
Improvement IPv6 addresses (subnet & singular) are now passed directly into the ebtables setters thus removing the need for external scripts. It needs to be enabled under the node settings
Improvement Added 'listpipefriendly' parameter to the listtemplates admin API call. It will return filename|friendlyname if set to true. List Templates
Improvement Added 'cpus' return variable to the vserver-info admin API call. Virtual Server Information
Improvement Several changes to the way logical volumes are detected and deleted
Feature Added list-plans admin API call. List Plans Per VT
Improvement Updated tld list
Improvement Xen PV /etc/hosts will be set with correct formatting
Fix Changed the way pbzip2 is invoked for backups
Improvement Added 'randomipv4' parameter to vserver-create admin API call. If set to true a random IPv4 address will be chosen. Create Virtual Server
Fix KVM configuration files would still contain QoS setting after being disabled
Feature Added option to specify a burst/swap amount in the vserver-change-memory admin API call. Change Memory
Improvement RRD graph generation through the admin API has been improved
Feature Added vserver-change-cpu admin API call. Change CPU
Fix Added missing icons from admin area
Improvement Added option to only specify the default gateway for RHEL based KVM virtual servers. Node > Settings > VM Default Gateway


Released: 06 March 2015

Type Note
Feature Ability to change the memory of a virtual server from the admin API. See Change Memory
Feature Ability to change the hard disk size of a virtual server. See Change Hard Disk Size
Fix Line breaks are now trimmed from Xen configuration files
Improvement Reinstall limits can now be set for individual virtual servers
Fix Serial console will now use XL commands if XL is enabled on a Xen hypervisor
Improvement The admin API vserver-change function now supports hard disk  resizing. See Change Plan
Improvement You can now use qemu-xen-traditional on a Xen hypervisor. The file qemu-xen-traditional must exist in the /usr/local/solusvm/data folder


Released: 06 February 2015

SolusVM version 1.16.08 is a maintenance release primarily to improve the current feature set of the 1.x branch. Ongoing information on the 2.x branch can be found here.

Type Note
Improvement The admin API vserver-rootpassword method is now compatible with KVM virtual servers
Fix Date/Time settings were causing validity issues with client key authentication
Improvement The status retrieval of a KVM virtual server was too resourceful when a hypervisor had 100+ virtual servers. This has been changed to a less resourceful method
Improvement When a client adds an IPv6 address from a subnet the methods used are more 'forgiving' if mistakes are made in the entry
Fix Use --skip-remount if required when starting a ploop based OpenVZ container
Fix Patch for broken OpenVZ debian-add_ip script in vzctl 4.8

Miscellaneous Updates

Object Note
WHMCS Module The WHMCS module has been updated to support the signed JcTerm Java applet and signed VNC Java applet. See Download#Version3.25Stable-Released2015/02/05
Installer The installer has been updated to make use of the new file mirrors and Xen configurations


Released: 05 February 2015

SolusVM version 1.16.07 is a maintenance release primarily to improve the current feature set of the 1.x branch. Ongoing information on the 2.x branch can be found here.

Type Note
Fix IPv6 addresses were not being added to OpenVZ virtual servers correctly
Fix Url of key auth log client entry was incorrect
Fix Permissions on libvirt XML config files are now set correctly
Fix Ploop will now install and be loaded if not found on a OpenVZ hypervisor and ploop is enabled
Fix chkdsk was being canceled when a Xen HVM virtual server was being rebooted
Improvement Admin area template cache is now fully removed on an update
Improvement Xen XL will use the force flag if it detects xend running on an XL enabled hypervisor
Fix Logical volume mappings for libguestfs are now detected correctly
Fix Libguestfs test tool will be run automatically if an error is detected


Released: 04 February 2015

SolusVM version 1.16.06 is a maintenance release primarily to improve the current feature set of the 1.x branch. Ongoing information on the 2.x branch can be found here.

Type Note
Fix Fixed issues with license mismatch not being displayed correctly
Fix Admin API listnodes call was returning invalid data
Fix Plans were not updating in the database
Update Added PostgreSQL migration wrappers (unused until v2.x migration)
Update Added USA (Dallas) update mirror
Update Added UK (London) update mirror
Fix Bandwidth count log is now rotated
Fix Log timestamps now format correctly
Fix Symlinks are now detected correctly when backing up an OpenVZ virtual server


Released: 02 February 2015

SolusVM version 1.16.05 is a maintenance release primarily to improve the current feature set of the 1.x branch. Ongoing information on the 2.x branch can be found here.

Type Note
Feature Added full support for Xen XL. See Xen XL Setup
Fix Digitally signed the Java VNC applet
Fix Digitally signed the SSH console applet
Fix Decimals were showing in the XML output of the admin API vserver-info call. They have now been removed
Improvement HTML is now allowed in the description field of a operating system template
Update Updated TLD list. (Automated from v2)
Improvement Added amount of free IPv6 subnets available to the hypervisor in the node-statistics admin API call. See Node Statistic
Fix Web font's would give errors when using SSL in the admin area
Improvement Removed all unused functions from the client area
Improvement Admin usernames can now contain the following letter, numbers and symbols A-Z a-z 0-9 @ _ - .
Improvement Outgoing emails use a new cleaner formatting
Fix PXE settings are now displayed correctly in the client area
Fix PXE settings were being shown under the media group settings. They have now been removed
Improvement Added DD blocksize to Xen PV migrate input file string
Feature Added ability to change a clients username from the admin API. See Change Client Username
Improvement Added DD blocksize to Xen HVM migrate input file string
Feature Added ability to edit a client via the admin API. See Edit Client
Fix Xen HVM reinstall hook was not being execution
Improvement Added option to disable throttle for xen pv migrations
Feature Added option to exclude the 'vifvm' prefix from xen if names. See Xen XL Setup#InterfaceNaming
Fix Added DD blocksize to KVM migrate input file string
Fix A '>' symbol was being display in the json rootpassword variable output on the admin API vserver-create call

Added option to set IPv4 connections only with curl . Settings in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini on the master

;; Use IPv4 connections only (true|false)
;use_ipv4_only = false

Improvement Template sync now runs an md5 check-sum on all files to be transferred
Fix Admin area would display blank when opened in Safari
Improvement Check for existing LVM snapshots when a backup is run
Change Replaced Soluslabs branding with OnApp branding
Fix IP blocks were not updating the assigned nodes when selecting all
Fix The email log would sometimes should false positives on sent emails
Fix When sessions are cancelled they are now deleted as-well
Improvement The admin area nodes list will now load faster
Improvement System messages will give a more verbose output when a node select error is detected

Added option to set a default snapshot size for FTP backups. Settings in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini on the hypervisor

; The amount in GB of snapshot space you want for ftp backups
;ftp_backup_default_snapshot_size = '5'

Improvement Indexing added to the Ipv6 subnets MySQL table
Improvement General CSS changes to the admin area
Improvement Relaxed the data size threshold for OpenVZ migrations
Fix Bandwidth was not being counted on IPv6 UDP packets
Improvement Xen & KVM logical volumes are scanned for errors on boot of the virtual server
Improvement Duplicate entries will be removed from OpenVZ container configuration files
Fix PHP session locking in admin/client areas
Fix KVM power off would try to do a graceful shutdown first
Fix None numeric values would be passed to the RRD databases on bandwidth counting overloads
Fix When adding a Xen/KVM hypervisor underscores in the volume group name would give a not found message
Fix Json parsing on a hypervisor that uses PHP 5.1 would return random results if non UTF8 characters were returned
Improvement The libvirtd.log will be parsed to check for errors and reported back to the master


Released: 22 August 2014


  • Fixed issue when a ploop based OpenVZ container would show a lower disk size after a reinstall

  • Updated OpenSSL dependencies for root password creation

  • Updated ciphers for curl callbacks

  • Fixed issue in media sync where Xen PV templates where not showing the correct filesizes


Released: 21 August 2014


  • Fixed issues when /112 IPv6 subnets were being created

  • Fixed single session errors when admin logs in as a client

  • Added action hooks for master & slaves:  Hooks

  • Added hook logging to /var/log/solusvm/hook.log

  • Added support for the latest Ubuntu versions in KVM/Xen

  • Fixed timezone settings in the daily cronjob functions

  • Updated the filtering of ip6tables offset rules


Released: 18 August 2014


  • Added option for a client to reconfigure the OpenVZ networking

  • Changed the way ips are added to OpenVZ virtual servers

  • Added option for client/admin to enable/disable PV-on-HVM driver support

  • Changed the way the custom DHCP configuration files are read/written

  • Added DHCP logging. /var/log/solusvm/dhcpd.log

  • Fixed networking for debian/ubuntu KVM IPv6 virtual servers

  • Added bandwidth tally logs. /var/log/solusvm/bandwidthtally.log

  • Callbacks now include IPv6 subnets

  • Added ability to migrate clients from IPv6 to IPv6 subnets:  IPv6 to IPv6 Subnet Migration


Released: 11 August 2014


  • Added ability for admin/client to add/remove IPv6 addresses from assigned IPv6 subnets.

  • Added reverse dns options for IPv6 subnets.

  • An IPv6 address from the first subnet will be assigned to a vps automatically when a virtual server is created with an IPv6 subnet.

  • Added option to check IPv6 subnets against the singular ipv6 table for matches. Subnets matched will be marked as reserved.

  • IPv6 subnets are returned in the admin API vserver-infoall call:  Virtual Server State

  • IPv6 subnet prefixes are now passed to ebtables.

  • Fixed issue where KVM virtual servers would sporadically show as offline in the client area.


Client area template updates (all): control.tpl, ipv6.tpl, prdns.tpl


Released: 04 August 2014


This release contains security updates as instructed in an external audit conducted by Rack911.

It is advised that you update to v1.16.00 as soon as possible to take advantage of the security changes made within the system. We will release further information about any issues found in due course.

If your version of SolusVM still displays v1.15.04 as the newest update (version numbers may be cached for a short while) you can navigate to Tools > Update from the Admin control panel and click the update button.


  • Added IPv6 subnets:  Subnets

  • Added ipv6subnets output variable to the admin API vserver-create call

  • Fixed bug where ftp backups were not enabling correctly

  • Added column removal in node listings

  • Fixed a bug in the dhcpd functions

  • Added logrotate scripts

  • Fixed bug in admin API vserver-vnc call where it would return the socket host as a local address if using sockets on the master

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