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Importing Virtual Servers into SolusVM

SolusVM supports the scenario when it is required to import an existing virtual server that has been created beyond SolusVM. For example, the virtual server is created using hypervisor native tools (vzctl for OpenVZ, virsh for KVM). Or it is a part of the migration for another virtualization management project and it is necessary to add an existing slave node with the VPSes running on it into SolusVM.

  1. The first step is to install SolusVM slave software on the slave node and add the node to the SolusVM. The steps can be found in the corresponding section, for example Installing a KVM slave

  2. Switch SolusVM into Import Mode. Browse to Configuration > Settings > Other, tick Import Mode option and click Update button

    When Import Mode is enabled, SolusVM just updates its database without actual invocation of the back-end tools 3. Due to the fact that enabling Import Mode will disable adminAPI, it is strongly recommended to enable Maintenance Mode to stop clients accessing SolusVM during importing procedure. Browse to Configuration > Settings > General, tick Maintenance Mode and click Update button

  3. After the preparations above proceed with importing procedure of the particular VPS using the steps based on the hypervisor type

Importing requires to have the list of virtual servers with the corresponding amount of the resources assigned

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