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Released: 10 September 2013


  • Fixed error in client lost password system.

  • Fixed Xen HVM OS template installation for CentOS 6.

  • Fixed fault in admin/client anti prediction check settings where they would not set correctly.

  • Fixed reseller language selection on login page.


  • The updater system now supports remote databases.


This release also contains security enhancements for Slave only masters.


Released: 03 September 2013


  • Fixed invalid token error on serial console window when checking a virtual server migration.

  • Fixed bug in client side reverse DNS window when reverse DNS was disabled.

  • Fixed migration time calculations.


This release also contains security enhancements to the database functionality so you are advised to upgrade to this version.


Released: 02 September 2013


  • Added Client, Reseller and Admin single session support. Default is ON but can be disabled from the admin area Configuration > Settings > Security.

  • Added <on_poweroff>destroy</on_poweroff> and <on_reboot>restart</on_reboot> to KVM xml config files.

  • Added SESSION manager (Admin CP).

  • Added better LVM delete functionality for KVM, Xen.

  • Added a callback system to notify an external script when an action is performed from SolusVM. Details for WHMCS are here:  Callbacks

  • Added JSON output to admin API:  Admin

  • Added form tokens to prevent CSRF attacks.

  • Added new client area template (bootstrap).

  • Added ability to put a node into maintenance mode. This is client template dependent. It will only work correctly with the bootstrap theme.

  • Added ability to customize a client templates header/footer without duplicating the template. More details:  Customizing the Client Area

  • Added option to turn off the client area mobile detection.

  • Added option to exclude new virtual servers being added to the auto ftp backups. Option can be found in plans and the virtual server creation pages.

  • Added status script on slave servers. More details:  Monitoring

  • Added node to node migration of virtual servers.

  • Added advanced CPU settings for KVM.

  • Added advanced bandwidth throttling for KVM.

  • Global notes now have an optional notify via email tickbox.

  • Global notes will now update on the fly.

  • Added reboot debug for all virtualization types (Admin CP).

  • Live search has been completely re-written (Admin CP).

  • Added activity bar to Admin CP. Displays client activity, admin log, system messages and migrations.

  • Added on the fly hide/unhide of the sidebar (Admin CP).

  • Added on the fly hide/unhide of the activity bar (Admin CP).

  • Added ability to hide the reseller, operating system, hostname and bandwidth columns in the virtual server list (Admin CP).

  • Added alerts tab to Admin CP.

  • Added new Admin CP menus.

  • Added ability to view slave versions. (Admin CP > Nodes)


  • Fixed length of virtual server hostnames.

  • Changed the way disabling a KVM virtual servers VNC works due to networking issues. VNC's are now spawned locally when disabled.

  • Changed the way partition mappings are created for KVM virtual server builds & reinstalls.

  • Fixed bug where mobile_themes folder would show in the client template list.

  • Fixed bug where OpenVZ root passwords would fail to set when being reinstalled from the client area.

  • Fixed bug where traffic shaping class id's were exceeding the max limit.

  • SSH keys are now generated for KVM virtual servers when networking or root password is NOT changed for installs.

  • Fixed a bug in the network speed cronjob.

  • Fixed admin area session lockups.

  • Fixed email SMTP bug where some emails would fail to send.

  • Many other minor Admin CP GUI enhancements/fixes.


This release also contains security enhancements as per the external audit recommendations.

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