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Mass Migrate Virtual Servers

Supported Versions Last Updated
1.29.01 & higher 2023/07/12
Note: This API function supports only KVM migration initially.
Action vserver-mass-migrate
Method GET, POST

nodeid [id of the destination node]

nodeidsource [id of the source node - migrate all virtual servers from the specified source node.] Do not use together with option vserverids. This variable is optional.

vserverids [ids of VPSes. 0 (default) - migrate all virtual servers to a single destination node | a comma separated list of virtual servers, e.g. 77,78.] Do not use together with option nodeidsource. This variable is optional.

Note: If neither nodeidsource nor vserverids are specified, VPSes from all KVM nodes will be migrated to the Destination Node.

parallelmigrationmode [1 - migrate all VPSes at once.] Do not use together with option consecutivemigrationmode. This variable is optional and being used by default.

consecutivemigrationmode [1 - migrate VPSes one by one.] Do not use together with option parallelmigrationmode. This variable is optional.

compress [0 (default)|1 - compress the data being sent across the network.] This variable is optional.

transferspeed [0 (default)-1000 - maximum network speed you want this migration to use, Mbit/s. 0 - unlimited.] This variable is optional.

internalnetwork [0 (default)|1 - transfer data over internal network.] This variable is optional.

automateonsuccess [0 (default)|1 - Delete the source virtual server and boot on the destination if the migration is successful.] It is recommended that you set this to 0 and delete it once you have checked the virtual server has been transferred successfully. This variable is optiona.l

rdtype [json] For json output specify json or for default output leave blank. This variable is optional.

Example Output



{"status":"success","statusmsg":"Migration of virtual server ID(s) 77,78 to node ID 6 has been started"}


{"status": "error","statusmsg": "ERROR MESSAGE"}



<status>success</status><statusmsg>Migration of virtual server ID(s) 77,78 to node ID 6 has been started</statusmsg>


<status>error</status><statusmsg>ERROR MESSAGE</statusmsg>

Note: Response for the API call can take time depending on the amount of migrated VPSes. Adjust the parameter CURLOPT_TIMEOUT in the API call to meet your requirements and track logs in Admin UI > Log > API Log.

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