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Serial console configuration

For HTML 5 serial console to work it is required to have the hostname of the server secured with a valid certificate.
Location for certificates is /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/ssl/ssl.crt and /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/ssl/ssl.key

  • /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/ssl/ssl.crt should contain the certificate.
  • /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/ssl/ssl.key should contain the private key.

1. In SolusVM > Nodes > Edit Node next to localhost set correct hostname for the master node in Hostname field.

2. In SolusVM > Configuration > Settings > Virtualization set Html 5 Serial Console Admins to On to allow Administrator use to use HTML 5 Serial Console. 
To allow clients to use HTML 5 Serial Console set Html 5 Serial Console Clients to On.

3. Restart the Nginx web server on the master server:

service svmstack-nginx restart
4. Open SolusVM > Virtual Servers > VPS > Console > Create Session > HTML 5 Console.

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