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Additional configuration for OpenVZ 7 nodes

Once you have completed the install of your Virtuozzo 7 slave node you need to do the following as it is not created by the SolusVM installer script.


mkdir /vz/template/cache

If you wish to run both OpenVZ 6 and Virtuozzo 7 from the same SolusVM master then you will need to unify your templates across OpenVZ 6 and Virtuozzo 7, while this may be inconvenient and restrictive it is the only way to have a trouble free experience known right now.

Supported Operating Systems out of the box with Virtuozzo 7 + SolusVM:

  • CentOS 6 

  • CentOS 7

  • Debian 8

  • Debian 9

  • Ubuntu 14

  • Ubuntu 16

The template names are important due to the way the template system works within Virtuozzo 7 please follow the following naming convention:

OS Template Names






You do not actually need the templates on the Virtuozzo 7 slave you can just use the 'touch' command to create the files within /vz/template/cache

Because SolusVM only has 1 template system for OpenVZ it is strongly recommended that you only use the above named templates with the above naming convention on your current OpenVZ 6 slaves to avoid conflicts between the 2 as if you have templates available to OpenVZ 6 customers that do not match the above list then Vortuozzo 7 customers will also be able to select them when running the 'reinstall' option within SolusVM.

Please now run the following, this is required since the removal of legacy template support in virtuozzo 7.

update dist managers

```echo "dpkgx64" > /vz/template/debian/8/x86_64/config/os/default/package_manager

echo "dpkgx64" > /vz/template/debian/8.0/x86_64/config/os/default/package_manager

echo "dpkgx64" > /vz/template/debian/9.0/x86_64/config/os/default/package_manager

echo "dpkgx64" > /vz/template/ubuntu/16.04/x86_64/config/os/default/package_manager

echo "rpm47x64" > /vz/template/centos/6/x86_64/config/os/default/package_manager

echo "rpm47x64" > /vz/template/centos/7/x86_64/config/os/default/package_manager ``` Reminder: OpenVZ 6 will be end of life and unsupported as of November 2019, SolusVM currently supports migration of containers from OpenVZ 6 to Virtuozzo 7 within the SolusVM admin web UI.

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