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Convert Virtualizor OpenVZ Node

This procedure has to be performed at your own risk. SolusVM does not have official support for migration from Virtualizor.

To convert the Virtualizor OpenVZ Node as a SolusVM OpenVZ Slave Node: 

1. Remove the Virtualizor from your server. For more information, contact Virtualizor support.

2. Install OpenVZ slave on this server using the document below. 

Installing an OpenVZ Slave

3. Add your slave, templates, IP blocks, and clients in the Master SolusVM admin panel.

4. Note down the CTID of your VM and find it using the below command on your Server.

vzlist -a

5. Import the VPS into SolusVM database using the below method.

Importing Virtual Servers into SolusVM

Make sure you’re selecting correct template, Disk size, Memory, and IP Address information during the import.

6. Reboot the VM from SolusVM using the Reboot button.

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