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Customizing the Client Area

Supported Versions Last Updated
1.14.00 & higher 2013/04/03

From version 1.14.00 some small but significant changes have been made to the way the client area templates work. If you would like to make changes to your client area header/footer you can do so without duplicating the whole template.

Why were these changes made?

The problem comes when you want to use your own header/footer and you have to copy the whole template folder to a new location. This causes issues when we release new features. There are dependent  templates and you don't get the changes. Doing it in this way all the .tpl files will be updated on a release apart from your custom ones. This will solve 99% of the problem.

How to do it

The default template layout consists of a header.tpl, footer.tpl and a bunch of content .tpl files. If you would like to change the header/footer for the template you need to duplicate the header.tpl and footer.tpl and rename them.

For example if you want to wrap you own website header/footer you just copy header.tpl to custom-header.tpl and footer.tpl to custom-footer.tpl in the same template folder. SolusVM will then check if your custom files exist and use them instead of the defaults.

It works only for header.tpl and footer.tpl templates. For other templates the original files should be modified. Create a backup first.

Template Location (.tpl) /usr/local/solusvm/templates/client/
Template Asset Location (.css etc...) /usr/local/solusvm/www/template_assets/client/
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