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v.1.23 Beta



Type Note
Improvement Added dry run after the migration OpenVZ container to determine that container can be running and migration can be completed successfully
Improvement New post-migration hook for OpenVZ: openvz_migration_post.php (SVM-2616)
Fix Preventing 50TB ploop disk provisioning by explicit setting vzctl set \${CTID} --diskspace \${SIZE}G --save --offline
Fix It is possible to select the standard (legacy) template for the reinstallation of OpenVZ 7 EZ container (SVM-2684)
Fix The network will be available to reconfiguration for SUSE based containers at the last stage of migration process



Type Note
Fix OpenVZ VPSes load Information is not displayed correctly (SVM-2688)
Fix Statistics graphs not working after update to 1.23.03 (SVM-2686)



Type Note
Feature Added EZ template support for Virtuozzo 7 node (without custom template support)
Feature Added VZ Containers migrations (in testing mode)
Feature Added logging in /usr/local/solusvm/log/ovz7.log file for VZ containers
Feature Added ability to recreate the legacy VZ configuration during migration
Improvement SolusVM script now supports upgrade path from CentOS 7 to Virtuozzo 7
Fix Sometimes during reinstall ploop size is set to 50TB
Fix The migration of VZ container show warning after timeout
Fix Two VPSes can be created with the same VMID or same IP address (SVM-2491)
Fix Fix ioPrio can't be set via vmresources.php page
Fix Reinstall of OpenVZ container will work if ploop is set in node settings
Fix Value length for max node memory/disk size can be more than 2147 Petabytes
Fix The migration from ovz6 to ovz7 doesn't stuck with --wait parameter KB#360026711452
Fix Permissions for binary files
Fix Broken links in UI
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