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Released: 30 July 2014


  • Fixed bug where the client disable/enable IPv6 functions were not working correctly for OpenVZ virtual servers

  • General cleanup of password fields in the admin area

  • Fixed bug in enabling client noVNC access

  • Added ability to change the DD blocksize used for migrations and builds. Configuration > Settings > Vitualization > Default DD Block Size

  • Added websocket variables to the admin API vserver-vnc call:  VNC Info

  • Fixed an issue where the system would sometimes fail to read the source nodes openvz config file on a migration

  • Fixed bug where admin API vserver-create would give an error on multiple concurrent Xen PV builds

  • Rebuilt OpenVZ build system to allow for hook points and verbose logging

  • Database schema updates


Updated WHMCS module to support noVNC: Installation.


Released: 27 July 2014


  • Added noVNC HTML5 VNC console for admins & clients:  noVNC Configuration

  • Updated the TLD list for the DNS functions

  • Added ability for resellers to create VPS with more than 24GB Ram

  • Fixed bug when editing a Xen HVM plan where the templates were not showing correctly

  • Added vserver-bandwidth call to admin API: Change Bandwidth Limits

  • Xen & KVM nodes now have a new dhcpd.conf writing system. This will now prevent host overlaps in config files

  • Added advanced dhcpd.conf configuration options:  DHCPD Configuration


Released: 23 July 2014


  • Added support for CentOS 7 Xen & KVM guests

  • Improved OpenVZ ploop support

  • Improved Xen PV IPv6 networking

  • Fixed several errors when migrating virtual servers from slave to slave

  • Obscured sensitive data in the master var logs

  • Added extra checking so clients can't enable/disable PPP and Tun/Tap for OpenVZ if disallowed under the host nodes settings

  • The admin API will now return the amount of free IPv6 (freeipv6), node group ID (nodegroupid) and node group name (nodegroupname) in the node-statistics call


Released: 22 April 2014


  • Fixed node search function failing to list virtual servers

  • Fixed email settings for admins not setting correctly

  • Fixed Xen HVM templates not installing correctly

  • Fixes for ploop being the default disk layout in vzctl 4.7

  • Fixed KVM template name not being returned in vserver-info admin api call


  • Added jcterm ssh applet to admin and client areas


Released: 02 April 2014


  • Added suspend-check script to /scripts on the master. It will check that all suspended vps are offline

  • Added suspend check to the daily cron

  • Added TLS ftp support to system backup

  • Added option to toggle passive for system backup

  • Added virtual server list refinements

  • Added option to disable all emails sending from the system. Configuration > Settings > Mail

  • Added forceaddip variable to admin API vserver-addip function:  Add IP Address

  • Added ext3/ext4 support to Xen PV template settings

  • Added mainip variable in the change IP callback function:  Callbacks.

  • Added build log viewer to admin GUI for Xen PV/HVM

  • Added extra variables to add node script:  Adding a Node from CLI

  • Added daily report emails for admins. Can be disabled on a per admin basis

  • Added option for emails to be sent in plain text only

  • Added system email log to admin area. Log > System Email Log

  • Added new client key authentication system:  Client Authentication

  • Added key authentication log to admin area. Log > Key Authentication Log

  • Added ability to specify an IPv4 address when adding an IP via the admin API:  Add IP Address

  • Added admin login alerts back in. It is also possible to enable/disable them under the admin's settings

  • Added ACL for powerdns

  • Added KVM video settings to admin and client areas. Includes several types vga, vmvga etc and 3d/2d acceleration

  • Added ability to re-write the KVM, Xen PV & Xen HVM configuration files for a virtual server without the need for a reboot

  • Added KVM clock options to admin and client areas. Choice of Default, UTC or Localtime. Also includes auto time catchup

  • Added ability to add a node from CLI:  Adding a Node from CLI

  • Added upgrade/downgrade KVM/Xen HVM virtual server to current vserver-change admin API call

  • Added timestamps of virtual server creations to the database

  • Added timestamps of virtual server reinstalls to the database

  • Added SMS widget to admin area

  • Added extended configuration for Xen PV swap logical volumes:  Xen PV Advanced Guest Swap Configuration

  • Added extra callback debugging. Extra information is now shown in the callback log

  • Added global node support for OpenVZ Ploop. To use a node with Ploop you must tick OpenVZ Ploop under the node settings. If the node has existing virtual servers using simfs you will need to convert them using vzctl convert CTID

  • Added better support for removing stale partition mappings when a Xen virtual server is deleted

  • Added mass-callback script for updating all hostnames and ipaddresses via the callback system. See /scripts/mass-callback –help

  • Added change root password for KVM to client area. Bootstrap/ajax client templates only

  • Added a fix for Xen PV virtual server disk usage showing 100% if the virtual server is on a CentOS 6 host. XENFIXCENTOS6DF=“1” can be added to /usr/local/solusvm/data/advanced.conf on the affected host node. We are not sure if this is a bug in the host's df command as of yet

  • Added dual pass option to connection monitoring. If you have issues with false positive connection error alerts there is now an optional flag you can add to /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini on the master. Set extra_pass_on_fail = true to run a second check if the first fails before sending an email

  • Several logical volume settings have been added for KVM slave nodes. Settings are available in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini This will enable you to pass the following flags when a virtual servers logical volume is created:

    ;; lvcreate (-i) stripes (default not set). Numeric value only
    ;lvcreate_stripes = 1
    ;; lvcreate (-I) stripesize (default not set). Numeric value only
    ;lvcreate_stripe_size = 512
    ;; lvcreate (-c) chunksize (default not set). Numeric value only
    ;lvcreate_chunk_size = 512
    ;; lvcreate (-aey) Use the -aey flag to activate logical volume
    exclusively on the host node (true\|false)
    ;lvcreate_aey = false

  • Added option to remove and set exclusive logical volume flags when migrating a KVM virtual server from the GUI using the don't move data option. Settings are available in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini on each slave:
    ;; If migrating virtual servers on shared storage using the don't move
    data option this can ;; be run to give the logical volume the -aey flag
    on the destination
    ;lvchange_migrate_destination_exclusive = false
    ;; If migrating virtual servers on shared storage using the don't move
    data option this can ;; be run to give the logical volume the -aln flag
    on the source
    ;lvchange_migrate_source_exclusive = false


  • Increased graph generation timeout

  • Fixed system emails to support small screen devices

  • Fixed lvscan paths for CentOS 6.x

  • Fixes for several CentOS 6.x logical volume mapping bugs

  • Fixed PHP date timezone in connection monitoring

  • Fixed Admin os template selects to list templates in alphabetical order based on the name template name

  • Fixed KVM custom config boot order not translating correctly

  • Fixed PHP date timezone in load monitoring

  • Fixed ACL for Boot, Reboot, Shutdown, Suspend & Unsuspend on the virtual server list

  • Fixed bug in client list where the virtual server hover over list was underlapping

  • Fixed an issue where logical volumes would not create correctly for a KVM migration on the destination node

  • Fixed ploop disk usage showing incorrectly when virtual servers are hosted on the master

  • Fixed bug where nice/ionice settings were not being used when backing up a Xen PV virtual server in Auto FTP Backups

  • Fixed bug when creating a VNC session from the admin API using json output. Now returns 'success' instead of 'error' when successful

  • Hostname is now updated for Xen HVM and KVM using the admin API

  • Fixed Xen PV logical volume creation in migrations

  • Fixed several session lock issues in the admincp when viewing nodes

  • Fixed an issue with SSH key generations when using GUI migrations

  • The virtualization type is now returned in the node-statistics admin API call:  Node Statistics

  • Fixed bug in the client area where the hostname would not set correctly for OpenVZ virtual servers when using a none ajax based client template

  • Fixed a bug in the legacy central backup system where the backup filenames were malformed

  • Fixed bug in admin API vserver-info not showing main ipaddress


  • System backup now saves config.ini and advanced.conf if they exist on the master

  • System backup ftp now uses curl instead of native PHP functions

  • General admin area enhancements

  • Updated TLD list for DNS functions

  • Connection errors are now sent to all admins that have connection alerts enabled under there admin settings. If no admins have it enabled and email will be sent to the system email instead

  • Client login notifications are now sent via html email and using correct smtp server settings

  • Improved bandwidth usage calculations (SQL workload) for IPv4/IPv6

  • Load alerts are now sent to all admins that have the load alerts enabled under there admin settings. If no admins have it enabled and email will be sent to the system email instead

  • Creation date of the virtual server is now shown in the admin area. Virtual servers created before this update will show as unknown

  • Improved template sync from master to slaves

  • Improved KVM/Xen HVM VNC keymap detection

  • Removed cipher list from curl callbacks to external callback script

  • Callbacks are now disabled when a reseller runs an action with a callback attached

  • All emails are now sent in UTF-8 encoding

  • Improved wildcard search when search the virtual server list

  • Internal ipaddress information is now shown to the client if the client has an internal ipaddress

  • Changed the way the client area serial console works for Xen PV and OpenVZ. The client is now presented with instructions on how to use it. The Java applet is now optional but still available

  • Several changes have been made to the masters SQL indexing to improve performance when searching and data usage is being collected

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