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Released: 14 March 2012


This version contains several securtiy fixes to the master GUI.


Released: 15 January 2012


  • Added ability to enable/disable inbound and/or outbound bandwidth counting on a per host node basis.

  • Added option to suspend/unsuspend client control panel access for selected clients.

Please read the Notes section below


  • Fixed issue where connection error emails would not send in some isolated cases.

Please read the Notes section below


This release is primarily a fix for the release of vzctl that requires the UB swappages parameter to be set in the containers config before it will start (only VSwap containers have this setting). Todays release of vzctl is supposed to fix this issue, however reports say otherwise.

Virtual servers created with SolusVM 1.9.01 and above will now have the swappages parameter set automatically on creation.

Virtual servers that already exist will need to have there config files patched via a script supplied on the master server. To run the patch you must do the following in ssh on the master: /scripts/openvz-swappages This script only needs to be run once to patch the existing configs.


There are still outstanding bugs in the latest vzctl version. If you feel you need to downgrade to a lower version instructions are here: OpenVZ.


Released: 09 January 2012


  • Added network install support for Xen HVM & KVM virtual servers. Requires tftpd server. Settings can be edited on a per node basis

  • Added admin API node-nodeid function:  List Nodes by ID

  • Added Polish languge to client area, thanks Mariusz Barczyk

  • Changes to OpenVZ VSwap. Secondary parameters are now set per the 'currently' recommended settings

  • Added import mode to admincp:  Importing Virtual Servers into SolusVM

  • Added option to specify a temporary bandwidth overage limit that resets on the 1st of every month. (Virtual Server » Bandwidth tab)

  • Added feature where virtual servers that were automatically suspended for being over the bandwidth limit will be unsuspened when the bandwidth is reset

  • Added monthly cron report email

  • Added Spanish client area language file. Thanks to Francisco Gomez Pino

  • Added support for OpenVZ legacy UBC configuration on CentOS 6

  • Added admin API vserver-network-enableEnable PXE, vserver-network-disable functions:  Disable PXE

  • Added admin API change owner of virtual server function:  Change Owner


  • Fixed Xen PV/HVM suspend function. Virtual server will be forced to shutdown if still online after 4 minutes

  • Fixed admin API KVM shutdown function

  • Fixed displaying of wrong media group type in resellers settings

  • Fixed issue where IPv6 addresses were not being piped to the hook

  • Fixed/Added function to remove orphaned forward chains from iptables

  • Fixed timeouts for slave rrd graph data collection

  • Fixed/Re-added traffic shaping functionality. This feature can now be enabled on a per node basis. Admincp > Nodes > Select Node > Traffic Shaping

  • Bandwidth log is now recycled when size limit is reached

  • Client login notification emails are now sent as a background process


Traffic shaping has been re-introduced into this version. It can be enabled on a per node basis (Admincp > Nodes > Select Node > Traffic Shaping)

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