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v1.14 Beta


Revision 13 (27 August 2013)

  • Added Client, Reseller and Admin single session support. Default is ON, but can be disabled from the admin area: Configuration > Settings > Security.

  • Added <on_poweroff>destroy</on_poweroff> and <on_reboot>restart</on_reboot> to KVM xml config files.

  • Fixed length of virtual server hostnames.

  • Changed the way disabling a KVM virtual servers VNC works due to networking issues. VNC's are now spawned locally when disabled.

This release also contains security enhancements as per the external audit recommendations.

Revision 12 (05 July 2013)

  • A fix for client area graph issues & invalid admin area tokens.

Revision 11 (04 July 2013)

  • Fix for corrupt files in the R10 release.

Revision 10 (04 July 2013)

  • This release contains fixes for a client side RDNS bug, reseller virtual server creation bug and admin form CSRF protection. Several code changes have also been made in regards to the ongoing audit.

Revision 9 (30 June 2013)

  • This release contains minor code fixes and security enhancements.

Revision 8 (26 June 2013)

  • Minor code updates.

Revision 7 (24 June 2013)

  • This is an important security fix. You are encouraged to update as soon as possible.

Revision 6 (19 June 2013)

  • Minor update to relax the vps hostname format. You can now use single words as well as real hostnames.

Revision 5 (19 June 2013)

  • This is an important security fix. You are encouraged to update as soon as possible. A full detailed report will be published at a later date.

Revision 4 (16 June 2013)

  • This is an important security fix. You are encouraged to update as soon as possible. Details will be released shortly.

Revision 3 (07 May 2013)


  • Added better LVM delete functionality for KVM, Xen. 

  • Fixed several styling issues in the client area bootstrap theme (control.tpl)

  • Added a callback system to notify an external script when an action is performed from SolusVM. Details for WHMCS are here:  Callbacks

  • Fixed a bug where the No Progress But Complete button would not function if more than one virtual server migration had failed.

  • Added JSON output to admin API:  Admin

  • Added form tokens to several admin area forms to prevent CSRF attacks.

  • Added missing admin area images.

  • Fixed close option on debug & search windows.

  • Added the option to keep the source virtual server when migrating. You can now leave the source virtual server on the source node to delete manually at a later date.

  • Added more options to the slave status monitoring. The operating system and kernel is now returned:  Monitoring

  • Changed the way partition mappings are created for KVM virtual server builds & reinstalls

The new backup system will feature in R4 as expected.

Revision 2 (08 April 2013)


  • Added new client area template (bootstrap).

  • Added the ability to put a node into maintenance mode. This is client template dependant. It will only work correctly with the bootstrap theme.

  • Added the ability to customize a client templates header/footer without duplicating the template. More details:  Customizing the Client Area

  • Added an option to turn off the client area mobile detection.

  • Added an option to exclude new virtual servers being added to the auto ftp backups. This option can be found in plans and the virtual server creation pages.

  • Added status script on slave servers. More details:  Monitoring

  • Fixed a bug where mobile_themes folder would show in the client template list.

  • Fixed a bug where openvz root passwords would fail to set when being reinstalled from the client area.

  • Fixed the migration bug where transfers would fail if using a custom port.

Revision 1 (25 March 2013)


The backend changes are excluded from this list

  • Added node to node migration of virtual servers. Current version only supports offline migration

  • Fixed a bug where traffic shaping class id's were exceeding the max limit

  • Added advanced CPU settings for KVM

  • Added advanced bandwidth throttling for KVM

  • SSH keys are now generated for kvm virtual servers when networking or root password is NOT changed for installs

  • Fixed a bug in the network speed cronjob

  • Global notes now have an optional Notify Via Email tickbox

  • Global notes will now update on the fly

  • Added reboot debug for all virtualization types

  • Live search has been completely re-written

  • Fixed admin area session lockups

  • Added activity bar to admin area. Displays client activity, admin log, system messages and migrations

  • Added on the fly hide/unhide of the sidebar

  • Added on the fly hide/unhide of the activity bar

  • Added ability to hide the reseller, operating system, hostname and bandwidth columns in the virtual server list

  • Added alerts tab

  • Added new admincp menus

  • Added ability to view slave versions: admincp > Nodes

  • Many other admincp gui enhancements

  • Fixed the email smtp bug where some emails would fail to send

  • Started the introduction of PDO prepared statements to all GUI areas (Completion version 1.15.x)

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