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Migration via SolusVM interface

Important notes

  • It is not possible to migrate OpenVZ container from SolusVM Master node using SolusVM interface. For such migration - proceed to Manual migration for OpenVZ containers.

  • Due to differences between OpenVZ 6 and OpenVZ 7 - it is not possible to migrate from OpenVZ 7 node to OpenVZ 6 node.

In order to migrate a VPS (does not matter what virtualization) from one SolusVM slave node to other:

1. Open SolusVM > Virtual Servers > VPS_for_migration > Migrate.

2. Select the necessary configuration:
Options explanation:

Parameter Description
Destination node The node where VPS should be migrated
Migrate Data Is set to "Yes" - the VPS will be migrated to another node and location of the VPS will be changed to the new node in the SolusVM interface
Is set to "No" - VPS will not be migrated, its' location will be changed to the new node in SolusVM interface only
Compression Enables compression for transferring VPS data
Transfer Speed Limits network speed used for migration
Transfer over Internal Network Enables transfer between nodes using an internal network. Both nodes have to have an internal IP address configured in node settings
Automate on Success Delete the source VPS and boot on the destination if the migration is successful. If the VPS was suspended it will not be booted on destination.
Note: It is recommended to set this to No and delete it once you have checked the VPS has been transferred successfully.

3. Click on Start.

4. Wait until the migration is finished.

5. Select what should be done at the end of the migration:

It is recommended to verify that migration is successful and select the corresponding option before finishing migration.

6. Click Confirm.

If there are any errors during migration consider to search for the solution on our Support Portal, as it can be documented already:
OpenVZ 6 to OpenVZ 7 migration is hung on 0%: Container start in progress, waiting ...
VPS migration failed: sh: ssh: command not found

In order to delete the source VPS manually follow the steps:

Note: replace 101 and yourvg with the actual VPS ID and the volume group name.

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