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Upgrade/downgrade of a SolusVM 2 product

To allow clients to upgrade or downgrade resources of SolusVM 2 product, it is required to do the following:

  1. Login to administrator interface of your WHMCS instance.

  2. Create Configurable Options group for resources that you want to allow upgrading/downgrading.

  3. Open WHMCS System Settings > Products/Services > Edit Product for the product you want to allow upgrading/downgrading.

  4. Select Configurable Options tab.
  5. Select Option Group that you want to allow your clients to use for upgrade/downgrade of the product and click on Save Changes.


    Only resources (plan parameters) can be upgraded/downgraded. They are: VCPU, Memory, Disk Space, Total traffic limit monthly, VCPU Units, VCPU Limit, IO Priority, Swap and Extra IP addresses.

  6. Select the Upgrades tab.

  7. Select the Configurable Options checkbox.
  8. Click Save Changes.
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