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Configuration of the module

  1. Login to SolusVM web interface.

  2. Open Configuration > API Access > Add API User.

  3. Insert IP address of WHMCS server to IP Address field. Note: copy ID and Key - they will be required further.

  4. Click Add User.

  5. If there is no resource plan for the required virtualization - create a plan in Plans > Add \ Plan.

  6. Login to WHMCS web interface.

  7. Open Setup > Product/Services > Servers > Add New Server.

  8. Add SolusVM Master server:

    Name - any required name for Master server to be displayed in WHMCS.
    Hostname - hostname of SolusVM Master server.
    IP Address - address of SolusVM Master server.
    Type - select solusvmpro.
    Username - type ID value from step 3.
    Password - type Key value from step 3.
    Access Hash:


    Secure - select the option Tick to use SSL Mode for Connections.

  9. Click Save changes.

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