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Changing the Management Server Settings via config

You can change certain management server settings in the SolusVM 2 interface, for example, update settings, billing integration settings, DNS settings, and so on. However, you may need to change other things related to the management server, for example:

  • The management server hostname.
  • Ports used by the management server.
  • The SSL/TLS certificate that secures the management server.

To change them, you need to edit the corresponding settings in the SolusVM 2 config file.

To change the management server settings via config:

  1. Access the management server command line.
  2. Edit the /usr/local/solus/config/config.yml file by changing the desired settings. For example, to change the management server hostname, edit the following lines:
      host: <domain name>
  3. Run the following command to propagate the changes:

    /usr/local/solus/bin/installer -reconfigure
    The management server will go down and then will restart with the new settings applied. Unlike the management server, compute resources and servers will not have any downtime.

  4. If you changed the management server hostname, also change it in the /etc/solus/agent.json file, the api_host line. If you changed other management server settings, skip this step.


If you have changed the management server hostname, SolusVM 2 will automatically issue a new SSL/TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt to secure the management server.

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