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Released: 23 February 2011


  • New slave licensing types. Each slave can be assigned a license type. The 3 license types are Micro = up to 2 VPS, Mini = up to 5 VPS and Standard = unlimited VPS. 

  • Added 5 new global licensing servers.

  • Tun/Tap can be enabled/disabled from the API. vserver-tun-enable & vserver-tun-disable have been added. See API docs for more information.

  • Added auto flushing of client log. See general settings. 

  • Added auto flushing of admin log. See general settings. 

  • Added auto flushing of authentication log. See general settings. 

  • Daily report email now contains the hostname of the master in the subject. It also returns the information on log flushes for the authentication log, client log and admin log. 

  • Better database tools. Added the option to directly download a backup of the database and to optimize the database. 

  • A new option in the BuycPanel add-on that allows the system to attempt to assign an unused license before creating a new one. 

  • Company name can now be defined in the client-create API function. See API docs for more information.

  • Added an ionice setting for NTFS tools. This will allow you to throttle down the IO used when extracting Xen HVM templates. Setting is under Admincp > Nodes > Selected Node > Settings.


  • Fixed a bug where a reboot could be issued when a Xen VPS was being resized. It now locks the vps using a unique lock file. 

  • Netmask is now added to each IPv6 address under Xen PV CentOS. 

  • API Setting link fixed in client template. 'header.tpl' needs to be replaced for custom templates. 

  • Removed license dependancy for BuycPanel add-on. It can now be activated under general settings. 

  • Fixed an issue where the gateway for Xen PV was not being updated on an IPv4 change. 

  • Fixed a bug where passive connection were not being used for system backup. 

  • Fixed a bug where OpenVZ templates names were not being updated in the database after a rebuild. 


  • We have had an audit conducted on our PHP codebase. Only 3 insignificant issues were found and could only be invoked by being a root user on the host itself. Even though this is classed as a security release, there is no major risks. 


  • This release allows us to seamlessly integrate the final parts of Linux-KVM and Live migration to version 1! () New licensing options will be available within 24 hours after this release.


Released: 09 February 2011


  • Ability to change the VNC port for a Xen HVM virtual server.

  • Added an option to reset the bandwidth for a specific virtual server.

  • Option to specify PAE on/off for a template/iso.

  • Release information redesigned and pulled asynchronously.

  • Added the ability to automate issuing cPanel licenses directly from This is a free add-on. Please, read the documentation:  BuycPanel Add-on

  • Added a new flag to the vserver-create API function. hvmt=1/0. This flag allows you to define templates in the HVM os chooser in WHMCS.


  • vserver-addip API function now reports the correct error message.

  • Fixed an issue where Xen HVM logical volumes would fail to delete when ative partitions were detected.

  • Optimized the client login process.

  • Fixed an issue where HVM virtual servers built from template would reboot twice.



Released: 27 January 2011


  • Added bridge checking for the Xen internal network bridge. This feature checks that the bridge has been started before modifying the .cfg. You can also disable bridge checking on a per node basis.

  • Added support for SMTP mail servers. Settings can be found in the General Settings section.

  • Added full UBC control for OpenVZ containers. This is an expansion of the current UBC feature. This feature will be expanded into plans and sets.

  • Connection checking can now be disabled on a per node basis.


  • Friendly name now shows correctly on the manage node page.

  • Admin ACL setting for the email sending feature has been fixed.

  • {\$INT_IP} variable now shows correctly in Xen HVM custom config files.

  • Free ram now shows correctly in client area.



Released: 25 January 2011


  • Added support for Xen internal networking. You can now assign a internal ip to eth1. Internal ip's can be added for each node from the manage node page.

  • Added the ability to email clients directly from SolusVM. You have the option to email selected clients or clients on selected node(s).

  • Added support for custom email templates. These can also be used with the new email feature.

  • Daily report email can now be turned off under General Settings.

  • IP checking for admin API users can be disabled on a per user basis.

  • IPv6 addresses are now returned with the additional ips in the vserver-create API function.

  • FTP backups now uses NCFTP to upload virtual server backups.

  • ftp-restore function now uses NCFTP for downloading virtual server backups. This allows for a interactive display of the download process.


  • Fixed ACL error where admin could not view conatainer loads even when allowed

  • Fixed an issue where system backup was not using passive connections

  • Optimized admin login times with a better host lookup function


The ACL setting for the email system was missed in this release. Currently, only full admins can use it. This will be fixed within 48 hours. SMTP will be added in the next release.


Released: 21 December 2010


  • Added ability to fully customize Xen PV and Xen HVM configuration files from the adminCP. This feature also offers a basic set of variable placeholders allowing for more dynamic configurations.

  • Added email alerts to auto ftp backup when an upload fails. Also, added extra time stamps.

  • Added ACL level for custom config (view & edit).


  • Fixed an issue where only 1 ACL level would show in dropdown list when editing an administrator.

  • Fixed a bug where ip blocks would always show as 0 free ip's.

  • Fixed timout bug on admin home system information.


Just a small bugfix/feature release before Christmas. Merry Christmas!


Released: 13 December 2010


  • Friendly name option for nodes. This feature allows you to define a name to display to the client.

  • API Logging. All API calls will be logged and can be viewed under Admincp > Logs > API Log. You can specify how many days you want to keep the logs for under Admincp > Configuration > General Settings. Logs over specified time will be flushed via a new daily cron.

  • Daily Cronjob. An automated daily cronjob has been added. It is used for the API logging and for several upcoming features.

  • Option to mark all system messages as read.

  • Administrator access levels (ACL). You can now restrict system adminstrators from performing up to 150 different tasks within the adminCP. ACL groups can be created in Admincp > Configuration > Adminstrator ACL.

  • Console script to reset the ACL status for an adminstrator. More information can be found under /scripts/help in SSH on your master.

  • List clients virtual servers under edit client.

  • Custom client welcome notice. Define a custom heading and body for the client welcome notice (Yellow box). This can be set in Admincp > Configuration > General Settings. If the fields are left blank, the box will not be shown to the client. '(home.tpl has been updated)'

  • Virtual server information from API. This new call returns information on the specified virtual server. More information can be found here:  Virtual Server Information

  • Display date/time in admincp. The date and time is now displayed in the top right hand corner of the adminCP.

  • VPS count in node list. The number of vps per node are now shown in the node list.

  • Administrator whitelist. Administrator ipaddresses can be whitelisted under Admincp > Configuration > AdminCP Whitelist. This feature also supports wildcards. If no ipaddresses are specified the feature will be disabled.

  • Power console. This feature is a rewrite of the openvz/xen pv serial console. It's initial release has no extra features. The powerver console is pre-built and distributed in 32 & 64bit form.


  • Patched template engine to suport UTF-8 encoding. This is only a partial bugfix, but it should solve the translation issues.

  • Reseller list now shows the virtual server count.

  • License notification is now shown correctly for trial license expiry.

  • IPv6 count is shown on the admin manage page for the virtual server.

  • Reserved ip's were not showing correctly in the ip block list. Now shows /free/used/reserved/total correctly. Added the reserved column to ipblocks table.

  • If specified, the clients were not being removed from the system on a 0 vps status. This is now fixed.

  • Fixed issue where a swap higher than ram message was being displayed for xen pv resource changes.

  • Duplicate templates would sometimes be shown in the template list in the client area. 'This has now been fixed but requires you to update any custom client templates (reinstall.tpl)'.

  • Graph data collection timeout has been increased to allow for slower nodes.

  • Fixed issue were IPv6 blocks could be deleted even if the ip's were in use.

  • Resolved an issue where connection error emails would not send (random).

  • After creating a client, you are now redirected to the virtualization types, not just openvz.

  • HVM windows logical volumes were sometimes not being removed. This should now be fixed, however ,we have only tested this on our development platform.

  • Fixed a bug in vserver-addip API function that returned no ipaddresses available when they show as available.

  • Fixed an issue where slaves would not talk back to the master. The ipaddress wil be cleaned on each call from the master. This should solve any issues related to incorrect Auto FTP information.

  • Randomly on install of a host node the installer will specify the wrong architecture. You can now manually edit it from the node settings.


Several new features were held back from this release until January 2011. These features will be announced shortly.

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