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Released: 15 September 2015

Type Note
Improvement The TLD list is now updated automatically if enabled. Configuration > Settings > General > Update Top-Level Domain List Daily

Added the ability to exclude virtual servers from ip spoofing in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini on the master server:

;; A comma seperated list of virtual servers to exclude from ip spoofing
;excluded =''

Improvement The OpenVZ delete process would abort if the virtual server failed to end it's processes
Feature A new HTML 5 serial console has been added to the admin area only. This is an experimental feature. A configuration guide can be found here
Fix Fixed an error in the KVM HDD upgrade process in the vserver-change-plan API function
Improvement Virtual server bandwidth resets prior to v1.17 were run on the 1st of each month. An option has been added which will allow the reset to occur on the anniversary date when the virtual server was created. If the virtual server does not have a creation date it will be reset on the 1st of the month as normal. By default this feature is disabled. Configuration > Settings > General > Reset Bandwidth on Anniversary
Improvement An option has been added to allow an admin to specify if a KVM HDD should be upgraded through the vserver-change-plan admin API function. The changehdd variable can be supplied with 0/1
Feature KVM virtual servers can now have the Windows Administrator password changed. The function will also run when a Windows virtual server is created if the Change Root/Admin Password option is ticked under the template settings
Improvement A new Priority option has been added while editing an IP block. The Priority field can contain a numeric value where the highest block value will be used first when assigning ip addresses to a virtual server when created from the API
Fix Several buttons were not showing correctly in the admin area
Fix Removed the light web font from the admin area and replaced with a system font. On low DPI screens it was hard to read
Improvement The bandwidth counting has been improved extensively and become more fine grained
Fix DHCP configuration writes now employ an exclusive lock to remove the risk of duplicate entries
Improvement OpenVZ virtual server vswap accounting has been improved
Improvement Logs are now compressed in gz format
Fix OpenVZ virtual servers would not be un-mounted correctly using vzctl >= 4.9.3
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