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KVM template is pre-defined clone image of the virtual machine from which you can deploy a new virtual machine.

SolusVM supports 2 types of template:

From SolusVM version 1.12.00 KVM based virtual servers can be built from pre-created templates. With the release of version 1.12.00 templating is limited to a system that we call “Generation 1”.

  • SolusVM Version: 1.12.00+

  • Templates are supplied via our TDN (Template Distribution Network)

  • The template location on the master & slave is: /home/solusvm/kvm/template

  • You can use the Media Sync feature or place them in the above locations manually.

  • The template filenames should start with the distro name i.e centos- debian- etc..

  • In the TDN you are supplied with a static root password for the template. You don't need to use this, however you need to tick Change Root Password box when adding or editing the template. A new root password will then be given on creation or re-installation of the vps.

  • The templates will automatically resize themselves when the vps are created. Make sure you specify the correct disk driver as shown in the TDN when adding the template to SolusVM.

  • The WHMCS module has been updated to allow better provisioning of KVM vps (also see the emails section). See WHMCS Module.

Generation 2

Here is an outline of what the Generation version mean and its limitations:

  • SolusVM Version: 1.13.00+

  • Templates will be supplied via our TDN (Template Distribution Network) and community.

  • Support for SLIM templates. Generation 2 templates can be as low as 130MB in size compared to Generation 1 templates that are 800MB+.

  • Any partition layout will be supported.

  • No need for Windows MBR files as currently used for Xen HVM.

  • Support for Windows templates with any partition layout. All version of Windows templates will be automatically resized on creation and the administrator password WILL be set.

  • Root passwords can be set or reset from the client/admin areas (Linux Only).

  • Rescue mode for Windows/Linux where a client can repair their vps.

  • Automatic template cloning of a pre-created virtual server.

Generation 1 templates have RAW storage format and bigger size comparing to Generation 2 templates in QCOW2 format (

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