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Released: 7 Jan 2017

Type Note
Fix Emails sent via SMTP were not sending correctly


Released: 6 Jan 2017

Type Note
Security Fix PHPMailer has been updated


Released: 11 May 2016

Type Note
Feature Added a new update system. The new system allows access to a Mainline and Stable branch. From version 1.18.04 the default branch will be set to stable with the option to upgrade/downgrade to/from the Mainline branch
Fix Migration LVM sizes are now checked when performing a migration
Fix Fixed bug in vserver-info-all api admin api call that was displaying incorrect errors
Improvement Custom .TLD'S can be added to /usr/local/solusvm/data/tlds-custom.txt (one TLD per line)
Fix OpenVZ quick backup now works correctly with ploop containers
Fix Numeric sorting order is now fixed on Admin virtual servers table
Fix Fixed issue where the Intel e1000 NIC was not being applied correctly to a KVM virtual server on a RHEL 7 host
Fix Callback failures are now logged correctly to the database
Fix The NoVNC websocket will now be restarted when a LetsEncrypt certificated is renewed/created
Fix The database now optimizes correctly on hosts that are using MariaDB for the UI servers database
Fix Node groups are now displayed correctly in the node group list
Fix The Auto Ftp backup pid is now deleted if script exits before completion


Released: 01 February 2016

Type Note
Fix FTP backup false-positive alerts were being sent occasionally even when an upload was successful
Fix Login alert emails were not using the default timezone as set by the admin
Improvement Connection checking now runs a second check by default if the first returns with a failed connection
Fix Disk usage now shows correctly for Xen virtual servers on a RHEL 7 hypervisor
Fix Lost password emails now include the correct URL when using the new Nginx stack

Connection checking now uses nmap

If the master server is RHEL 5 based then you will need to revert back to using 'nc' in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini


;; If your master server is RHEL 5 based you will need to enable this setting. (true|false)

;use_nc = false

Fix The serial console websocket now checks for a letsencrypt generated SSL certificate when starting up
Fix The html5 VNC looks for a letsencrypt SSL certificate if enabled on the UI server
Improvement The metrics collection module has been refactored to provide more accurate statistics
Feature Framework has been added to allow for future updates via RPM
Fix The amount of CPU cores now show correctly in a Windows virtual server on a RHEL 7 KVM hypervisor
Improvement The ip6tables chains used for rx/tx bandwidth collection have been optimized
Improvement When creating a virtual server via the API more verbose system messages are logged
Fix Maintenance mode now stops all communication with the hypervisor

Important Information

SolusVM v1.18.x is the final version that will support the standard upstream PHP versions. We have produced a new software stack that includes our supported PHP version and NGINX server. We recommend you upgrade your installations to our new stack with the following instructions NGINX for SolusVM 1.x . If you installed SolusVM with the v4 installer then the new stack is installed as default.


Released: 04 December 2015

Type Note
Fix DHCP changes were not taking affect on RHEL 7 KVM hypervisors
Fix Some KVM templates were not re-sizing correctly on deployment
Fix Memory usage was not showing correctly on RHEL 7 hypervisors
Fix Hypervisor settings dropdown now allows selection of RHEL 7
Fix OpenVZ virtual servers are now configured with the latest netfilter settings

Ability to set IPv4 network routes for KVM virtual servers. Allows compatibility for datacenters that require special routing i.e OVH, Hetzner etc..

On the hypervisor the following setting should be set to 'true' under the KVM section in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini

ovh_bridged_network_routes = true

Improvement Changes to the way KVM Debian variant networking files are written
Improvement Virtual server bandwidth counting improvements
Fix Javascript errors (admin area) in the latest version of Chrome browser
Improvement Added compatibility for the latest libguestfs version


Released: 04 November 2015

Type Note
Fix Checkboxes were not showing correctly in webkit browsers
Improvement Verbose messages are now shown on connection errors
Fix OpenVZ reinstall hook was not executing correctly
Feature Added OpenVZ install hook point
Feature Added HTML 5 serial console for clients
Feature Added compatibility for RHEL 7 KVM hypervisors
Improvement Database indexes updated
Improvement Symlinks are no longer required for LVM tools
Improvement If bandwidth usage is failing to count, the system will now alert admins
Fix Admin tab cookies were being destroyed before logout
Improvement Better checking for virtual server suspensions


Released: 02 October 2015

Type Note
Feature Added hypervisor metrics module to the admincp. It gives the ability to view detailed CPU, Disk, Network, Memory statistics etc.. for each hypervisor. Quick Jump > Metrics or Node list > Graph Icon
Fix Fixed the Xen HVM shadow memory option not updating when setting a new value
Improvement Nodes can now be sorted by Node Group when viewing the node list from the admincp
Fix Logging into the admincp would give an initial white screen in Safari (Mac) and Chrome (Mac)
Fix Fixed variables showing on the admincp configuration page
Fix The master UI will now run correctly on the latest version of NGINX
Fix OpenVZ virtual server migrations will now check the defined root path
Improvement Ebtables rules will now update faster
Improvement Better checks for false connection errors
Feature Integrated auto module updater (more to follow)
Fix When changing the clock type for a KVM virtual server it would leave a malformed but bootable configuration file
Fix KVM QoS settings now work correctly with the latest libvirt upstream version
Feature CPU settings can now be defined for KVM templates. Ability to set Model, Match and Topology thus allowing support for later Windows versions (10)
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