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Released 31 Oсtober 2018

We fixed several bugs and improved stability.

In this TLC release we've applied the following changes:

Type Note

Fixed bug where the swap partition in the single partition KVM templates fails to size correctly.

Fix The function "Reboot virtual server" via API now works correctly
Improvement Many other small fixes for various errors that were detected by the advanced error logging


Released 22 Oсtober 2018

This is our first internal release from our new CI/CD systems that enables us to increase release frequency and to provide the best quality for future releases.


Released 26 September 2018

This is mainly a bugfix release. Our new error logging that was introduced in v1.20.06 is starting to pay off. It's logged over 12,000 issues that range from simple configuration errors to full blown fatal errors. To make your installation run smoother, we've applied the following changes:

Type Note
Improvement The daily task runner has been optimised
Improvement The client mobile template has been disabled. It's outdated and no longer required
Fix Exceptions were occurring when creating a VM or user as a reseller
Improvement Many other small fixes for various errors that were detected by the advanced error logging


Released 21 September 2018

This is our first release since Plesk. Sorry it's taken so long!

Our intention is to start pushing out regular updates to SolusVM v1 to improve it's stability and usability while we work on something truly awesome for you all. 

In this TLC release we have the following:

Type Note
Improvement Introduced advanced error logging. This will allow our support teams to diagnose issues quickly and efficiently
Fix Replaced old branding
Improvement System database backups will no longer lock the user interface
Fix The monthly cron email now shows the correct dates
Improvement KVM network configuration files now contain the correct line breaks
Feature Support for single partition KVM templates. Single Partition Templates
Fix Removal of all OnApp dependencies
Improvement General performance and stability improvements

Next up we'll have improvements for OpenVZ 7 users and more KVM storage options.


Released 26 February 2018

Feature Introduced ability to boot a downed KVM VM into rescue mode. Rescue mode can also be enabled via the API.
Fix Removed KVM video settings from client area, causing unbootable machines.


Released 31 January 2018

Feature Introduced ability to rate limit servers in suspension status. See documentation.
Fix A bug preventing VMs from auto starting KVM virtual machines on node reboot.
Fix Reduced communication load between master/slave, improving performance of high density environments. 


Released: 10 November 2017

Security Password validation has been updated for OpenVZ virtualization


Released: 3 October 2017

Feature Native Disk IO for KVM. If `/usr/local/solusvm/data/kvm-io-native` exists a KVM virtual server config file will be updated with the following lines:

<domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu=''>
<driver cache='none' io='native'/>
Fix KVM reboot pre hook is now executed after the config file has been written but before the virtual server is started.
Improvement The admin API vserver-create call now allows a custom port speed to be specified with the 'customnspeed' variable
Improvement A new admin API call has been added (vserver-change-nspeed) to allow changing a virtual servers network speed.
Fix If /usr/local/solusvm/data/.bw-keep-chains exists then the chains won’t be deleted
Fix Removed erroneous character from API response on root password reply when creating KVM servers.


Released: 4 Apr 2017

Type Note
Fix Fixed issue where the change owner option would give 500 errors
Fix The admin API vserver-infoall command was running slow
Fix Graph loading in the admin/client areas are now non session locking
Fix vzctl process checking has been relaxed. It caused slowdowns on high volume hypervisors


Released: 7 Mar 2017

Type Note
Feature Added support for OpenVZ on Virtuozzo Linux 7
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