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Initial configuration of the module

  1. Login to SolusVM 2 administrator web interface.
  2. Open Access > API Tokens > Generate API Token.
  3. Fill Name.
  4. Click Generate then copy and save the generated token in a secure place.


    After you click Copy & Close it is not possible to view the token.

  5. Login to WHMCS administrator web interface.

  6. Open WHMCS > System Settings > Servers > Add New Server.

  7. Select SolusVM 2 VPS in Module dropdown list.

  8. Fill Hostname or IP Address field with IP address/hostname of your SolusVM 2 management node.
  9. Copy API token from step 4 into Password field.
  10. Click on Test Connection.

    If the server’s settings are correct and WHMCS can connect to the SolusVM 2 management server, you will see the following success message:

  11. You will see the page that has three sections (“Add Server”, “Nameservers, and “Server Details”). You need to specify only certain settings in the “Add Server” section:

    • In the “Name” field, specify your server name.
    • In the “Hostname” field, specify the hostname or IP address of the SolusVM 2 management server.

  12. Click Save changes.

  13. Open WHMCS > System Settings > Servers > Create New Group:

  14. Specify the server group settings and then click Save Changes:

    • Give your server group a name by filling Name field.
    • Keep the Add to the least full server option.
    • In the Selected Servers box, add the server you created earlier.

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