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Initial configuration of the module

  1. Login to SolusVM 2.0 administrator web interface.
  2. Open Access > API Tokens > Generate API Token.
  3. Fill Name.
  4. Click Generate then copy and save the generated token in a secure place.


    After you click Copy & Close it is not possible to view the token.

  5. Login to WHMCS administrator web interface.

  6. Open WHMCS > System Settings > Servers > Add New Server.

  7. Select SolusVM 2.0 VPS in Module dropdown list.

  8. Fill Hostname or IP Address field with IP address/hostname of your SolusVM 2.0 management node.
  9. Copy API token from step 4 into Password field.
  10. Click on Test Connection.

    If the server’s settings are correct and WHMCS can connect to the SolusVM 2.0 management server, you will see the following success message:

  11. You will see the page that has three sections (“Add Server”, “Nameservers, and “Server Details”). You need to specify only certain settings in the “Add Server” section:

    • In the “Name” field, specify your server name.
    • In the “Hostname” field, specify the hostname or IP address of the SolusVM 2.0 management server.

  12. Click Save changes.

  13. Open WHMCS > System Settings > Servers > Create New Group:

  14. Specify the server group settings and then click Save Changes:

    • Give your server group a name by filling Name field.
    • Keep the Add to the least full server option.
    • In the Selected Servers box, add the server you created earlier.

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