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Creation of a product


First it is required to create a group for your products. If you already have a group - ignore steps 1-3.

  1. Go to System Settings > Products/Services.

  2. Click Create a New Group.

  3. Specify the group settings and then click Save Changes:

    • Specify the product group name. It’s the name that will be displayed for the group to you and your customers.
    • Select the order form template. It defines the design customers see when they want to place an order.
    • Keep the “PayPal Basic” checkbox selected.


    There are other optional settings you can specify. Learn more about product group optional settings.

  4. Click Create a New Product.

  5. Specify the product settings and then click Continue:

    • Select the Server/VPS product type.
    • Under Product Group, select the product group you created earlier (SolusVM 2 in our example).
    • Give your product a name.
    • Under Module, select SolusVM 2 VPS.
    • Turn off Create as Hidden to make the product visible to your customers.

  6. Go to the “Module Settings” tab and select the module settings:

    • Server Group - select the server group created in steps 1-3.
    • Plan - select the necessary plan for provisioning of this product.
    • Default Location - select the necessary location for provisioning of this product.
    • Default Operating System - select the necessary operating system for provisioning of this product.
    • Application - select the necessary application from SolusVM 2 for provisioning of this product. This overwrites Default Operating System.
    • User Data (optional) - clout-init preconfiguration for VPS created from the product. For example, you can create additional users or user groups in the system, run the desired commands at the first boot, and so on. For reference, see cloud config examples.
    • Default Role - select the necessary SolusVM 2 role for client accounts created during provisioning of this product.
    • Enable Backups - enable/disable backup creation and restoration in WHMCS client area for VPS created through the product. For this option to work, it is required to enable backups in SolusVM 2 plan selected in Plan option.
    • Default Limit Group - select the necessary limit group for SolusVM 2 users created through this product.
    • Select how and when WHMCS will set up the product once customers order it. We recommend that you keep the Do not automatically setup this product option. Learn more about other options in the WHMCS documentation, the “Module Settings” section.

7. Click Save Changes.

Congratulations! At this point, you’ve finished configuring SolusVM 2 WHMCS VPS Provisioning module. Your customers can now create SolusVM 2 servers in WHMCS.

However, customers will get servers with the plan, location, and operating system that you’ve selected for them. To give customers the ability to select the server settings (among those created on the SolusVM 2 management server), create corresponding configurable options.

You can also configure upgrade/downgrade of a product using the same Configurable Options.

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