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Use applications for a new product

In order to provision SolusVM 2 application through WHMCS product - do the following:

  1. Find necessary properties for the required application. For that - login to your SolusVM 2 management node and open Images > Applications > Edit the application for necessary application (in this case - Plesk).

  2. In JSON schema field find section properties. In this example the necessary properties are:

    • license
    • domain
    • user
    • email
    • passwd

  3. Some of these properties are required - to check that find section required:

    In this example required properties are domain, user, email and passwd.

  4. Login to your WHMCS administrator account and Create a new product.

  5. In System Settings > Products/Services > the created product > Module Settings select necessary Application (for this example it will be Plesk):

  6. Open Custom Fields tab.

  7. Create custom fields corresponding to Application properties from step 2.

    • Field Name in WHMCS is the same as property name in SolusVM 2.
    • Field Type should be Text Box. For passwords (passwd field) Field Type can be Password.
    • Description can be any explanation for the filed that you want your client to see in shopping cart.
    • If property is required - Required Field option has to be checked.

    The result is:

    8. Click Save Changes.

Now clients can select this product and fill necessary fields for application initialization:

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