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Additional settings in config.php

There are several additional options that can be configured through /whmcs_root/modules/servers/solusvm2vps/config.php:

return [
    'delete_solus_user' => false,
    'default_domain' => [
        'enabled' => false,
        'mask' => '*',
    'allow_login_to_cloud_panel' => false,

'delete_solus_user' - if true, removes the user account from SolusVM 2 if the corresponding account is removed from WHMCS.

'default_domain' - configures the default domain template in case the hostname is not set while creating the product.


'enabled' - if true, enables the feature. 'mask' - the domain template in format * where * will be replaced with vps-{serviceId} when product is created.

'allow_login_to_cloud_panel' - if true, renders the Log In button in the provisioning module to log in to the SolusVM 2.0 user area.

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