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Released: 22 July 2011


  • Added support for CentOS 6 hosts (Master & Slave).

  • Added support for OpenVZ vSwap in CentOS 6 (kernel 2.6.32.* only). Option to set VSwap is under the virtual server resources. Please note this is for testing only, We encountered a few bugs on testing:  OpenVZ VSwap

  • Added option to revert to rate flag for Xen virtual server network speed limiting. Option is for each node.

  • Added disk limit, memory limit, allocated memory & allocated bandwidth variables to the admin API node-statistics function.

  • Re-written binaries to support CentOS 6.

  • Added function to monitor the master MySQL server and restart if necessary.


  • Fixed issue where OpenVZ resources would not change correctly.

  • Fixed issue where logical volume space would not show correctly when master was installed on CentOS 6.

  • Fixed issue where slave would not detect the master ip correctly if the master was using IPv6.

  • Fixed issue when adding random IPv6 addresses the gateway would not be detected correctly.

  • Fixed issue with KVM/libvirt XML symlinks.

  • Shortened several client area SQL queries.

  • Fixed issue where system information on admin home would sometimes display the swap information incorrectly.

  • Fixed issue where templates would not delete from template list.


A new beta installer is available that support CentOS 5 & 6. Please note there is no support for Xen on CentOS 6 in this installer (yet). Also note that CentOS 6 is still new so expect bugs at OS level. Beta Installer: v1.15 Beta


Released: 29 June 2011


  • Fixed issue where KVM status's were not showing correctly.

  • Login emails are now forked in the backgroud. This should prevent long login times if the master has slow resolver ip's.

  • Optimized various SQL queries.


The master loading times should be a lot faster in this version. SQL queries have been cut down by 40%.


Released: 27 June 2011


See version 1.6.00


See version 1.6.00

  • Patched issue with high MySQL usage on master.


Released: 27 June 2011


  • Added better detection of KVM virtual server online status.

  • Added new reboot/boot system for KVM virtual servers.

  • Admin API vserver-infoall now returns the main ip of the virtual server.

  • Added KVM/Xen IP address protection. This option stops virtual servers from using ip addresses not assigned to them (untested on IPv6).

  • Added option to enable/disable IP address protection on a per host node basis.

  • Added limited ARP attack protection. This feature will only work if ip restrictions is enabled.

  • Added new bandwidth accounting system. The new system has been rewritten from scratch. Traffic is now accounted for on a per ip rx/tx basis. You can view the specific traffic for an ip address by viewing the list of ip's for the virtual server in the admin area.

  • Added option to revert back to the legacy bandwidth accounting system.

  • Added new network speed function for KVM, Xen PV & Xen HVM. This feature supports upto 1gbit transfer speeds and works on a per interface basis.

  • Added option to disable auto transfers of ISO for KVM. This feature will be expanded to full automation in a future release.

  • Added the option to force PAE ON for Xen HVM and KVM builds from the API.

  • Added better cookie protection to the admin/reseller/client areas.

  • All virtual server status's are now collected in one call instead of seperate calls for the same host node.

  • Added TUN kernel module check for OpenVZ based host nodes.


  • Fixed issue where virtual servers being built by the API would not set PAE to ON if specified in the ISO being used.

  • Fixed several CSS bugs on reseller area.

  • Fixed issue where dns lookups on email addresses would make the login process for clients/resellers hang.

  • Fixed bug where stale partition mappings would be left after a HVM template rebuild.

  • Fixed bug where the Default node group would not list the correct nodes.

  • Fixed bug where Xen PV virtual servers were not being deleted if the virtual server was suspended.

  • Fixed issue where the console password would not change using the vserver-consolepass admin API function.

  • Fixed bug where Xen HVM virtual servers would crash if rebooted when ISO is not found on the host.

  • Fixed bug where OpenVZ virtual servers would cause a memory burst on reboot (vzctl workaround).

  • Fixed issue where adding a full /24 (IPv4) to ipblocks would miss the last ipaddress.

  • Fixed bug where the API log would not log reboots via the API correctly.

  • Fixed bug where SMS would not send on high host node alert.

  • Fixed issue where large database backups would not send via email.


  • Version 1.6.00 & above requires port 5656 (SSL) enabled on your master. This should always be enabled!

  • Most of this version is based on backend changes. Several parts of the core have been rewritten & streamlined.

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