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Client Operating System Chooser

This handy little feature lets you add a dropdown list of operating systems on the products order form allowing the client to choose the operating system they want without having to rebuild there vps after its been setup with the default template.

Note: Title of the Operating System Chooser(Option Name) is important one, Please use Operating System as Option Name for this chooser. Use the Hash variables if you want to change the name of OS chooser.

To set this up you need to:

  1. Create a configurable option group for each virtualization type

  2. Add a new configurable option to the new group. The default name for the configurable option is 'Operating System', however this can be changed to a custom name using the correct hash variable.

  3. Select Option Type Dropdown.

    • In field Options define your templates with a friendly name and filename.

    • The first part is the filename i.e fedora-9-x86 and the second part is the friendly name i.e Fedora 9 32 Bit. Both parts must be seperated with a |

    • The filename must match the filename of the template or ISO as shown in SolusVM i.e fedora-9-x86.tar.gz needs to be listed as fedora-9-x86 or windows-7-x86.iso must be windows-7-x86, so the rule is to remove the .tar.gz or .iso when listing them in WHMCS]

  4. Example:

When using the OS Chooser for KVM you can specify templates & iso in the same configurable option. SolusVM (v1.12.00 onwards) will automatically check to see if a template exists before it checks for the iso. For example a template can be specified as centos-6.3-x96_64-min-kvm|CentOS 6.3 64bit

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