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Next Steps

You have come a long way: starting from installing SolusVM 2, setting it up as the administrator, and ending with creating a server as a customer, which is the ultimate goal.

What’s next?

  • If you plan to sell servers, it is high time to set up the billing integration.
  • Start exploring other more advanced features of SolusVM 2, for example, setting limits on compute resources. This feature will help you prevent resources overuse.
  • Change SolusVM 2 update settings in Settings > System Updates. By default, SolusVM 2 automatically installs updates. You can choose which updates to install (for example, testing or stable ones) and when (the desired weekdays and time) or you can switch to manual updates. Learn more in SolusVM 2 Updates.
  • Have a look at our RESTful API documentation
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