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Supported Versions Last Updated
1.14.00 & higher 2013/05/07

The callback feature (Admincp > Settings >  Configuration > Callback) allows SolusVM to notify WHMCS when a specific action is performed.

The following actions are supported:

  • Suspend

  • Unsuspend

  • Terminate

  • Change Hostname

  • Add/Remove IP

  • Change Root Password

  • Reinstall

Edit the settings to suit your environment.

For callbacks to work download/copy the following php script and put it within the modules/solusvmpro folder on your WHMCS installation.


Edit the script and set the 3 required security variables:


\* @var $admin_user

\* The username of a administrator in your whmcs.


$admin_user = "admin";


\* @var $security_hash

\* The hash as shown in SolusVM.


$security_hash = "1a2b3c4d5e";


\* @var $connection_ip

\* The ip address of your SolusVM master.


$connection_ip = "";

For more security rename the script to a filename of your choice.

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